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PA options- without taking boards.

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simple question


simple answer


if you want to practice medicine - none -every state in the union and the VA require you to pass PANCE





otherwise the sky is the limit, hospital admin, business, sales, management, teaching (although unlikely in a PA program as they want experience)

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The more important question is do you need a PA license to do what you want to do? If not, you don't have to pass boards. If so, though, absolutely ZERO chance of obtaining a license in any state (not sure about PR and Guam but I do have a former student who lives and practices in Guam and I know for a fact she did well on her boards) without PANCE/PANRE/PA-C maintenance. You used to be able to work in the prison systems or IHS facilities without a current PA-C but I think those pathways are drying up as well.

Just take the boards. It's not that bad.

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