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  1. CME binder 5 days course plus kaplan review course slides, with all the packrats and more for $400. please message me. thanks
  2. Got my result at 9:00 AM east coast. PASSED, PA-C. Thanks
  3. I have CME 5 day course binder for sale. I will also include kaplan review course package, packrats and other review stuff. Price is $420. please send me message if interested or you can email me at j_patel66@yahoo.com thanks.
  4. Hi, Are there any PA out there working in a non clinical PA jobs. I just wanted to know what types of jobs can a PA get that are non clinical. I really appreciate your feed back. thank you.
  5. Anyone knows the difference between these two review courses. Which one is the best to take for Pance . 1. Cme resources 2. Certified medical educator course in Chicago.
  6. Hi I am looking for study partner in Philadelphia area. I am also going to the 5 day cme resources course by end of August. If anyone out there interested in studying please inbox or message me. Thanks.
  7. How is the UMDNJ PANCE review course?
  8. Hi, Is there anyone in Boston area studying for PANCE and want a study partner, please let me know. thanks
  9. Hi any one in the boston area that wants to study let me know. thanks
  10. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone out there doing something alse after finishing PA school BUT did not take the PANCE. Wt are the jobs out there can one do if one does not want to sit for the boards. Thanks
  11. Have you passed your PANCE, if so can you can please give me some tips. Wt review stuff did you used and what Qbank. Thanks.
  12. oh ok, wt about people that went to all the six try's and still not make it. Wt do they do in future or job wise.
  13. Hi, Is anyone out there that has change into different path or finding another job after not passing PANCE. Wt are the different options that one can do if they finished PA school but can not pass PANCE. thanks for info.
  14. 1. Clinical Electrocardiography: A Simplified Approach [Paperback] Ary L. Goldberger MD FACC - 7 ED. 2. Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 10th Edition [Hardcover] 3. Cecil Medicine: Expert Consult - Online and Print, 23e 4. Introduction to Public Health [Paperback] Mary Jane Schneider 5. Pharmacology (Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Series) [Paperback] Richard A. Harvey PhD (Author), Michelle A Clark PhD (Author), Richard Finkel PharmD (Author), Jose A. Rey PharmD BCPP (Author), Karen Whalen PharmD BCPS If anyone is interested in buying any of these books, please inbox or message me. thanks
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