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  1. Thanks for all of the advice and input! I contacted the company that provided my malpractice insurance and was able to purchase tail coverage for the period of time that I worked (and thus would be liable). Cost me $379 - well worth it in my opinion.
  2. Hello all, I come seeking advice for my current situation. I am a new grad who, in hindsight, rather hastily signed on to a bad contract. Since June, I have been employed by a corporate-owned urgent care chain. During my short time with the company I have realized two things: (1) urgent care is not a good fit for me, and (2) the company has serious financial issues that has resulted in the delay in paying of all employees. Because of these issues, I have resigned my position and have potential job offers elsewhere. Given my short time with the company, they will not be covering the cost of my tail coverage. Does anyone have advice or recommendations as to what sort of policy I need to buy? Although I signed the contract in June, I have only worked as a PA with the company since September 5th so my risk is quite low. That being said, I'd rather be safe and get covered. Thanks in advance!
  3. I work at an UC clinic - we got an email from our medical director thanking us for our hard work. One of the senior PAs put up a banner on our home page thanking PAs. So some recognition - no parties, treats, or free food though.
  4. Same time frame for me. I have been told that a lot of PA/NP schools graduate in May/June and thus there are hundreds of applications to process during months where people frequently like to take vacations. However, my company's credentialing group is royally messing up the paperwork process, so who knows.That being said, I'm getting antsy and want to start working already.
  5. Interview went well with FM today - hoping to hear something next week. Given all of your valuable feedback and knowing that there is much better out there for me, I will be passing on the above-mentioned UC offer. I'm so glad this forum is available. Thank you all for your experience and honest insight.
  6. I appreciate everyone's input. The low PTO is justified bc at 14 shifts per month, one would have 197 days off with flexible scheduling to work around vacations and such. I have an interview today with a family medicine practice where I rotated at for 8 weeks. Hope to get a better offer there - they have a good training foundation for new grads at this place. Fingers crossed for good news soon!
  7. Yes, unless I was to pay for the license myself and write it off on taxes or use CME money...I don't agree with them not covering it - it's their way of saving money along with not covering any life support certs.
  8. Hello all! I graduate tomorrow and am happy to say I just received my first offer from an Urgent Care center. The initial offer: Starting at $42.25 per hour, contracted for 14 12-hour shifts per month working 8a-8p --> $85,178 annually, eligible for discretionary raise annually. 4 shifts per month are weekend shifts. No call. Time and a half for holidays. They close for Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. Opportunity to pick up extra shifts; get time and a half if working > 16 shifts per month Benefits: Medical offered at $62 per pay (low deductible) or $50 per pay (high deductible); dental and vision are about $2 each per pay (biweekly pay schedule). Retirement = 401k, they match to 4% starting with your first contribution. Vested at the day of enrollment. PTO = 3 days for first year, increases yearly to a max of 7 days. Vacation time is based on scheduling requests. Can request up to 7 days that you prefer not to work each month. I spoke with a former employee and was told that scheduling is pretty good with honoring requests. Also can switch shifts with other providers at sister UC sites. Bonuses offered every 6 months and based on RVUs, patient satisfaction scores, etc. CME: $1250 annually and increases $250 annually to max amount of $3250. No CME time given. Always working with a doc on site for every shift, thus BLS/ACLS/PALS and DEA licences aren't required for PAs and thus not paid for. Can use CME money towards getting any of the above licences. They will pay for DOT training. Training is 3 consecutive 12-hour shifts with an experienced PA, then seeing patients on own. As stated above, always a doc on site. My "home base" site has a doc who is willing to train new grads and additional assistance from a provider training specialist via phone as needed. Volume is roughly 37-76 patients per 12 hours max, particularly during the busy season.
  9. Anyone here and want to meet up over the next few days?
  10. Great wisdom in these posts - thank you. We start rotations in early June and already the self-doubt is creeping in. I'm excited and terrified at the same time! I remember reading somewhere on the forum to have an accessible stack of "flashcards" with the most common diseases, etc. and their S/S, Dx method, and treatment options. Probably wouldn't hurt to start working on that stack now...
  11. 46/47 and we start our 3rd semester of didactic on Monday.
  12. My school is sending us all :) Looking forward to meeting you all that are going!
  13. Jlang, I'm a current student at Arcadia (Christiana, DE campus). Lots of hotels nearby, although the closest airport is Philadelphia, followed by Baltimore (BWI). Is your interview with Glenside or Christiana campus?
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