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elevated calcium

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I have an 82 y/o neighbor with a chronic elevated calcium which over 2 years has creeped up to 14.6 It was slightly above normal 2 years ago. Multiple blood tests and scans have all been negative. No tumors etc.. Any thoughts on this. She is not taking any calcium supplements. Thanks for any thoughts.

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what do you mean by no tumors ? the patient had pan scanning done ? is prostate cancer associated with elevated calcium I know certain breast and lung cancers are ? lab work I am sure checked PTH ? What about the adjusted value given his albumin ? vitamin D toxicity .. it is the trend now after all .. she could be taking this through multiple sources and be unaware ? You checked PTH related peptide? What medications is he on any thiazide diuretic or other vitamins ?

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mary hyperparathyroidism and malignancy account for about 90% of cases of hypercalcaemia.[6][7]

[h=3]Abnormal parathyroid gland function[edit source | editbeta][/h]

[h=3]Malignancy[edit source | editbeta][/h]



Micrograph of ovarian small cell carcinoma of the hypercalcemic type. H&E stain.


[h=3]Vitamin-D metabolic disorders[edit source | editbeta][/h]

[h=3]Disorders related to high bone-turnover rates[edit source | editbeta][/h]

[h=3]Renal failure[edit source | editbeta][/h]

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