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What are my chances?

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Thank you in advance:



3.27 GPA for both cumulative and science (strong upward trend, 3.6 my junior year and 3.7 my senior year)


92nd percentile on GRE (balanced)


2 years AmeriCorps experience (tutored low-income kids in math and science, founded an internal math tutoring program, ran summer programs)


1200 hours as a CNA


100 hours volunteering at hospital


microbiology lab assistant


internship at Pfizer developing ELISA test


lots of tutoring-specific volunteering

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pretty good chance.

you are fairly well rounded. gpa could be better but not bad. 1200 hrs will keep you out of any program with a 2000 hr cutoff so keep getting hce hrs. just in case you need to apply again next cycle.

apply to 5 programs and you will get into at least 1.

good luck.

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Pretty good, I sent my app out in June and I have similar stats. Stayed at a 3.1 GPA till I got to senior year where my semsters when 3.8 (19 credits), 4.0 (18 credits), then did one or two classes while working full time to finish off PA pre-reqs for about a 1 and a 1/2 years. Last 60+ credit GPA is a 3.85 and my caspa cum is a 3.29 with science being 3.3


i have 1500 hrs as a patient care tech on a med/surg floor


i have already recieved 2 interviews ( quinnipac and stony brook). You definately have a shot, dont sell yourself short. You miss 100% of the shots you dont take

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