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  1. I took my A+P at cc and got accepted to several programs. No it is not looked down upon. They emphasize GPA over institution
  2. Always apply! if you have the money to burn. You miss 100% of the shots you dont take. Apply to a bunch. Maybe you will get a few interviews, and if you do it will prep you for next cycle if you do not get acceptance. You'll know the interview layout and what questions to expect. I bombed my first two interviews (quinnipiac and stony brook) but my most recent two I felt were flawless and it was my first two interviews that prepped me for the others. And I got accepted to the other two less than a week after interviewing with them. Always apply, because you still might fit the bill for what they want in an applicant.
  3. Nice to meet you guys! Emily do you know the university city area well in regard to housing? Its weird I checked usciencs off campus housing site and they were crazy expensive for dingy apartments averaging 750 a month. But when I didnt used the site and looked around for apts that were not affiliated with usciences 750 a month the apts looked so much nicer? Do you know why that is?
  4. Undergrad Ed School: West Virginia University Exercise Physiology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.29 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.31 Post-Bacc: University of Delaware 3.95 Pre-Req GPA: 3.92 Age at application time : 25 GRE: 166Q 154V 5.0 W Direct Patient Care : Patient Care Technician (surgical unit) ~2000hrs aquatic therapy aide ~200 hrs PT aide intern ~200 hrs Patient Escort ~400 hrs Shadowing: vascular/thoracic surgery PA 200hrs General surgery chief resident 50 hrs Ortho surgery PA 10 hrs Internal medicine MD outpatient and inpatient 60hrs Schools Applied: Philly schools, quinnipiac, stony brook, MCPHS, UMDNJ, NOVA Jax, ELON Application Mailed-06/18/13 Schools Received Application Date: 6/18/13 Interview Invites: Quinnipiac, stony brook, MCPHS, NOVA jax, university of sciences in philly Denied: UMDNJ, Quinnipiac, Thomas Jefferson in philly Withdrew Application: ALL OTHERS Waitlisted: Stony Brook Accepted: James Madison, Stony Brook, MCPHS, Jacksonville and U sciences! Attending: Usciences in Philly!! Attempt: 2nd
  5. Hey guys I thought I would start a thread for the class starting in 2014 My name is Dan, I am 25 years old. I am from wilmington DE just about 45 min south of Philly. I have experience as a tech on a surgical unit and various other experience through my internships. I am an Exercise Physiology major from WVU and took some Post-Bacc classes at University of Delaware. Just wanted to get to know everyone whose going to be matriculating next year. I am excited to meet everyone next year!!
  6. Accepted!!!! I interviews nov 14 exactly a one week turn around even though they said 3 weeks. Got the email around 8pm
  7. Accepted!!!! Just got email around 8pm I interviewed nov 14th!!!!
  8. Congrats emily! When was your interview? Did you recieve via email or snail mail?
  9. Anyone hear back from nov 14th interview? I hate the waiting period. Hopefully ms Roth gets back to me before I have to put down a deposit at another program
  10. I got asked about 10-12 questions. I tried to keep answers as brief as possible while getting my main point across. If you have wordy they may ask you less due to time constraints or you may be answering some of their other question within that one.
  11. Cyeshu I wouldn't stress just yet It's only been a little over a week
  12. I doubt gre matters. I think they only want you to get above 300 combined 150 in each with is about 50Th percentile but mine was 304 154q 150v
  13. Got call this morning at 10. Accepted! I interviewed nov 7
  14. Hey Guys, I have an interview coming up with this program. However, I cant find any information on their curriculum. It is very vague on the website. Are there any current students out there that can shed some light on the subject? Do they have cadavers? Where are rotation sites? What are the options for elective rotations? etc. I want to do primary care, but I also have a strong affinity for sugery as well. I would like the confidence by being able to dissect cadavers before cutting into live patients.
  15. What time did you receive call tjcorso? I'm suprised no one else is saying they've been accepted. How many days did they say for phone call? very jealous Corso Congrats! was it 10 day time frame for phone call? i dont remember?
  16. So I interviewed at one of my top choice schools and I have a 3 other interviews on the horizon. However if I'm accepted to this school i interviewed at in early September, I would not interview at 2 of the other schools (one being a plane ticket away). Would it be too aggressive or improper to email telling them they are my top choice program and that I would not want to spend the money to interview at other places if i am accepted by them? I just do not want to pay for a plane ticket/hotel etc if I dont have to.
  17. How many did they say matriculate from their undergrad? I wonder how many outside they will accept.
  18. Under FAQ it says we will hear as early as October. I believe they will wait till after the 2nd round of interviews which is today. maybe later this week or next. They are probably more reserved because of last years big class size
  19. The word intro doesn't matter, it's that colleges discretion to what they label the class is. The importance is what it covers. At university of Delaware there's a course called introductory biochemistry and it is a 500 level course. My micro was intro micro and it was 300 level. I would think that they would like to see genetics at a 300 level or higher because in most colleges it is an upper level course. Nut at the same time it's variable. I'm sure you will be fine don't stress too much just get the A's
  20. Your scores will update on caspa in their school code has a caspa code, but if it's directly to their grad school than no. Regardless when they get your app they might start immediately reviewing it (if their not back logged) so they might already make a decision before they get your updated ones. But time isn't in your favor it is getting very late in the cycle for application submission.
  21. The physical and chemical basis of heredity, the nature and mechanisms of gene action, genes in populations, speciation..... Very short description but all we focused on really was gene interaction, mutation etc
  22. I would say yes to the later two definitely. The genetics I would say probably. The description seems to cover what was, however I do not know. Most genetics classes I see are atleast 300level but every institution is different. My genetics was Bio 403 Genetic and evolutionary Biology. It was accepted by Drexel's genetic requirement. I think Drexel wanted to see a focus on gene interaction which is what I see on your description. I'll search my course description and send it to you in a pm so you can compare
  23. Not yet but I am anxiously waiting. I'm starting to think we might have to wait till October till after their 2nd round of interviews. On the website I remember reading acceptances will be sent out oct-feb
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