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Well as you can tell by my post count I'm fairly new to this thread, but not so much to the internet itself and how these things work. I've been searching around about the PA program requirements and am assuming that HCE is the clinical hours required. I was looking at LLU and the RCC PA program which require 2,000 hands on experience and to be totally fair, I haven't yet talked to anyone in person. I plan to, but that won't be for another two weeks and so I was hoping to find an answer on this board sooner than that.


My question, I currently have my CNA and have worked in the past for over a year, but it wasn't hospital based. It was a SNF [skilled nursing facility], so am I correct to assume these hours don't count?


I'm SoCal based, so would I be better off trying to get into hospitals in which the hours would count? Is it hospitals only? Or are there clinics I could apply to?


I'm not in a rush and definitely have some time before I even finish my requirements for the PA, as I still haven't finished all science courses. I was just thinking it'd be nice to be in a work setting that helped me while I finished up my pre-reqs.


I'd appreciate any advice or previous experience/expectations.

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