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I am a recent grad and currently awaiting taking my boards in about two and a half weeks. I have a position lined up at a NY hospital, but they want me to apply for a limited permit in order to start the paperwork on their end and get me working sooner.


I have heard that the limited permit takes a while and it would be pointless to do in my case, given that by the time it is approved I will have already taken and passed my PANCE (which I believe takes about 2 weeks to score)


My question is, does anyone know how long it takes for a limited permit to be approved? I'd hate to throw $105 down the drain like that.... but at the same time, if they told me to do it perhaps I should just bite the bullet.


Thank you!

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I applied to a bunch of jobs in NYC and all the hospitals I interviewed with told me it can take "a couple of months" to get your license. Wrong! I got my license TWO WEEKS after I applied for it. I supposed the limited permit will allow things to move faster because they'll have your transcripts, application, etc. already so once you get your scores in they should be able to approve your license right away, but I found the process to be pretty quick sending everything in at once.


Does the hospital absolutely need your license to start the paperwork? I am working in CT and the credentialing process started when I handed in the application, check, and a few other forms, not when I got my license (which took 5-6 weeks). I would contact someone at the hospital and ask if you can start the other paperwork while you wait for your license. You'd be surprised at how many PAs I interviewed with didn't know how to answer my questions about credentialing. I know a friend working at MEEI in Boston had to get a limited permit and then apply for her license afterwards, so it could be possible you'll have to waste the money.


When I called NCCPA to have them send my scores to NY the man I spoke with encouraged me to continue following up with them until I had my license. He said NY is notorious for letting things sit in the unopened mail and for taking longer than they need to for licensing. Just an FYI for your permit/license application process.


Good luck on the PANCE. Scores should only take 1 week to get back, too. :)

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