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  1. Hey guys, Just wondering, has anyone ever experienced a family death during PA school, especially during didactic year? If so did you have to reach out to program staff, and were they willing to work with you? I haven’t started PA school yet, the first day of school is 1.5 weeks away. I just found out today that my grandma has two months left to live... I am very lucky and blessed to have spent time with her and make precious memories with her before school starts. I knew her time would come and have tried to mentally prepare myself for it, but hearing this news still makes me
  2. Hey guys! Has anyone received any emails with the interview information for the 10/17 interview? also what is everyone wearing to the social? Should we dress formally? The social sounds more fun and relaxing but I’m worried about being over or underdressed lol
  3. Aww hey I feel you! It is indeed very stressful and nerve-wracking to have to wait to hear their final decision. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t let yourself feel down, being on the waitlist may not be ideal but it is still an accomplishment! It means they still see you being fully capable of being an amazing PA, they just don’t have enough seats. Give yourself a pat on the back and just know that no matter what you will be an awesome PA! And yes I was the first cohort for interviews, I interviewed August 28 and I received my waitlist status exactly two weeks later. I hav
  4. Hey guys I’m so sorry, I know these are probably dumb questions but I have no idea what I’m doing and I’ve forgotten so much about how FAFSA works. So I just recently got accepted to a PA program that starts in January 2021. I just filled out the FAFSA Form, completed entrance counseling, and completed the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Direct PLUS Loans and Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans. So at this point do I just want until FAFSA crunches all the numbers and my school’s Financial Aid Office gets back to me? I see a section on the FAFSA Website where I can apply for the William D.
  5. Hello everyone! I just interviewed yesterday and received a call from Drew today about my acceptance! I’m so happy I could cry, this feels so surreal to me. I’m looking forward to meeting all my classmates!! For those who received a rejection or were waitlisted, please don’t give up or allow yourself to get discouraged. Your admissions status does not say anything about your worth as a person, or about your capabilities as a PA. I know people say that all the time, but it really is true. Plenty of good, capable candidates who will make awesome PAs still receive rejections. When I recei
  6. Haha good to know! Mine is definitely not going to be a cinematic masterpiece lol but I’ll give it a try with both devices and see how it goes. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! Just received an interview invite and I’m totally psyched!! just wondering, does anyone know if Brenau has received provisional status yet? I know the website said the meeting will be held in September. Has anyone received any news? Or maybe it will be held late September?
  8. Hey guys! Just wondering, for those of you who already did the video - what did you use to film it? Did you use a computer/laptop or your phones? Kind of nervous about making a video lol, not the most tech savvy person but hopefully it won’t be too hard! thanks in advance!
  9. Hello everyone! Not sure if you guys would be able to answer this but I was just wondering, do you know if the interviews were closed application? Like did it seem like the interviewers had already looked at your application/essay? Or did they not know anything about what your application and it was just a fresh start? Also I read in past threads that Emory’s interviews were very relaxed and low stress! I know things are different this year with virtual interviews, but would you say that was the kind of vibe you got too? I’m just nervous lol I need to stop stressing
  10. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the info! Haven’t received an email yet but It is less nerve wracking now to know how the format will be. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Hello everyone! Just curious about what the format is like (if you are able to talk about it!)? Was it an all day thing, short, or took several hours? thanks in advance!
  12. Haha yeah I figured, that makes sense. I’ll just be patient then! Thanks so much for the encouragement, much appreciated! And they should be sending you instructions on the formatting real soon! It was four individual one-on-one interviews With faculty, followed by a presentation on the tour/campus, a group interview, and Q&A session. The faculty was nice, but sometimes it was definitely intimidating lol! I think they ask interesting questions to get to know you as an applicant and your thought process.
  13. Hey guys! Just received news that I’m on the alternate list! A little bummed it’s not an acceptance, but extremely extremely grateful to still be considered! do you guys think it would be rude to ask if they are able to tell me how far up on the waiting list I am? Or how their selection process is for those on the wait list? I’m anxious to know but I don’t want to offend anyone or come off as annoying to Admissions haha.
  14. Thank you so much for your advice, I seriously appreciate it. When you put it like that, it makes the whole interview process less daunting if all I have to focus on is meeting those objectives. I’ve been told by my family and peers that I’m “too humble” and that my biggest downfall is that I have a tendency to “undermine myself” or “underplay my accomplishments and what I’ve done” - which I know isn’t to my advantage during an interview process. So I get paranoid that maybe I held myself back on some answers when I should have said more, or didn’t stand out enough. Regardless, I still re
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