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I am applying this cycle through CASPA and did not realize that you can ONLY have 3 LORs submitted on your behalf.

I had asked 4 people for LORs (one professor, two doctors and one PA) they all agreed to do it so I told them when they had it ready, to let me know so I could enter their info on the CASPA application and they would automatically get the email with the instructions to submit the LOR.

The first one that did it was the professor and then one of the doctors.

So now I only have room for one more, the problem is that the doctor that is left is a preceptor for the PA program that is my top choice and the other one is a PA whom I shadowed for 125 hours.

Who should I have write my last LOR? I know both will write a strong and favorable LOR, but I don't know which will be better for my application.

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