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Assistance needed for personal statement

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Hi everyone!

My name is Nicole Rodriguez and I am a recent graduate from Florida International University double major in Biology and Natural & Applied Sciences. I am currently working as a medical assistant working on my patient care hours and will be applying to PA schools the next cycle. I would like to have some guidance on my personal statement and would appreciate any advice! I may be reached out via email Nicole.rodriguez3860@icloud.com


Thank you for your time!

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Hey! I’m a PA-S2 and I’ve been helping people out with personal statements for the last couple of years! My services are a much more affordable option than some of the big popular editing services. I can say from experience the personal statement is one of the most important parts of the application and a great way to help you stand out from the crowd as well as make up for any weakness in your application! All of my services also include 3 different personal statements that have preformed strongly for you finish as a reference tool! 

$25 - For an edit looking at spelling, grammar, theme development and overall memorability and strength 

$50 - for and edit, plus a 30min. Zoom session to work through your essay together.

After initial edit:

$10 - for future edits and revisions to paper

$20 - for another 30min. Zoom.

Contact me at: 681-521-6139 for any questions or to schedule. 

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The personal statement I wrote was very good, but I'm not so very experienced tto offer assistance. However, I have several good resources and can share them with you. Please, reply to me if you found at least one of them helpful. Visit Purdue Writing Lab https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/job_search_writing/preparing_an_application/writing_the_personal_statement/index.html first — there are many good guides. And the resource that helped me is https://www.essayedge.com/blog/creating-a-killer-personal-statement-for-university-from-a-to-z/. I'm sure I succeeded due to it.

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