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  1. Just accepted a "formal offer letter" from an out-of-state employer contingent upon meeting and payor/credentials qualification. Had a great hour-long conference call after which they sent me an offer letter although we had not met in person. We have arranged to meet in 4 weeks as I will be visiting the area again at that time. The offer letter was fairly general and included pay rate, "full benefits" and some general responsibilities. Did not sign anything, just accepted the offer via email based on the stated contingencies. There has not been mention of a contract yet, although we did discus
  2. Anyone working in ER have RVUs at part of their pay structure? I know its complicated and varies from practice to practice, but those of you who have RVUs could you tell me how much it typically adds to your paycheck?
  3. Great, thank you for the insights. Much appreciated!
  4. Would like to get any intel on working for this EM group, positive or negative. I have worked with a different group for several years and have seen some negative changes driven by the productivity/numbers game recently. Is this a general trend in larger ER groups that a merging together and becoming more focused on profitability?
  5. Worked with a doc who handled a similar case. Elderly patient came in with similar presentation. Was poisoned with antifreeze. Wide osmolar gap. Serum osmolality was key lab. Great case but pt did not make it :(
  6. Hey all, I have worked in 2 different ERs in the last 5 years and have noticed varying practices on what to do with opiate or ETOH patients that want to leave. We get (as I assume most ERs do) frequent arrival of patients either given narcan in the field or being just found drunk in the streets and brought in for evaluation. The majority of the drunks are frequent flyers and we see them ~ 3x week. Its just protocol for the police/EMS to scoop these guys from the park bench they passed out on and bring them in. My first job trained me assume the worst with these patient (subdural bleed, reboun
  7. Hi everyone. I'm in the midst of job hunting out of state and my significant other and I are considering a couple different states to relocate to. Several attractive job listings state they require an active state license. Of course it would be ideal to be licensed in every state I'm looking into, but its not realistic. I'm looking to relocate in 4 months or so there is still ample time to obtain a state license and I am already in the process of filing for a Colorado license. Should I wait until I get the license to apply or simply apply and let them know I'm in the process?
  8. Any insights into the average day working in Sleep Medicine? Do you guys just take naps all day or what?
  9. General consensus seems to be poor. Will avoid, thanks for the input and insight :)
  10. Anybody familiar with "Restorative Medicine" and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy? I keep seeing job postings for PAs with a certain group. My quackery meter is a buzzing a bit, but honestly I don't know much about it.
  11. "Wigworm" is our population's colloquialism for ringworm. Try as you might, most do not accept ringworm as a correction. I have heard "metropolitan" used in several instances to refer to Metoprolol. "Vomicking" is often used in place of vomiting, and many times it just refers to coughing up sputum, not emesis, and so always requires a follow up question. I have not personally heard this, but I did have an attending tell me a patient reported a hx of "gas-stational diabetes". If at any time a patient tells me that their pain is "excrutiating", my next question is med allergies... Oh, and all o
  12. Thank you all for the advice and feedback. It's motivating and good to hear!
  13. Hello fellow PA's! I'm been working 4+ years in EM, and currently find myself in a job that I cannot stand any longer. First of all, I work in Camden, NJ which is a god-forsaken, urban wasteland. The facility is a stand-alone ED, which basically serves as an all-in-one ER/family practice/STD clinic with no appointments and constant stream of patients. Patients either can't get in to see their PCP or simply do not want to wait, so they all funnel in here. Wait times in surrounding local ERs have steadily increased, so we are seeing more complex patients come in as people simply do not want
  14. I distinctly remember reading some journal article written by PA participating in some pilot program or something similar over in Ireland, but can't remember any details.
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