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Clinical Rotations in Columbus, OH

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My name is Molly Fior, and I am currently a PA student at Saint Louis University.

I am currently in the second phase of the didactic portion of SLU's program. I am going to be entering into our clinical phase/rotations in January, 2014. My husband recently accepted a job in Columbus. Unfortunately we don't have any contacts, friends or connections in the Columbus area.

With the program's permission, I am allowed to complete certain clinical rotations out of town. I have been reaching out to different physicians, PAs and health care providers, but I have not yet had any success with finding clinical sites. It has been very frustrating and quite disheartening.

I am allowed to set up the following 6 week rotations out of town:

Family Medicine



Women's Health/Psych (each 3 weeks in length)

an elective of my choice (I am interested in orthopedics, gastrointestinal and intensive care medicine)

evidence based medicine clerkship (I am really interested in Nephrology).


A friend in the program suggest I reach out on the physician assistant forum to see if anyone might be able to help me.


I would be so appreciative if anyone would have any suggestions or recommendations as to who I might be able to reach out to, or if there are any PAs from Columbus that would welcome a student from SLU.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post; looking forward to the adventure and learning opportunities of the upcoming clinical year.




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My advice would be contact the OAPA (ohio association). I'm not from Columbus so I don't have any contacts there. But I know osu is a huge nursing place, so you may have trouble with their affiliates. Keep calling offices and practices, and hopefully the association will help you out. The school around there is Ohio Dominican.. They are a new program.


Best of luck!

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I am currently into a PA program in Boston and still have 2 more semesters for didactic before starting rotations. I am from ohio and planning to do 2 of my rotations in ohio closer to home. So was wondering on if could get some insite on how to reach out to physicians PAs health care providers. 


Any help would be appreciated :) 


Thanking you! 

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