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Hi catrunnels:


Thanks for bringing this topic up. I don't know that there is a standard answer, but I do think that programs want culturally competent students and to develop culturally competent practitioners. The Indiana University PA program does not have application "bonus points" or a system to prefer underrepresented students at this time. However, let me share with you some statistics on our Charter Class, which started May 6, 2013:


Enrolled: 44

Women: 34

Men: 10

Average Age: 27

Age Range: 22-47

African American: 2

Asian: 3

White: 39



Florida (2)

Illinois (1)

Indiana (38)

Kentucky (1)

Texas (1)

Wisconsin (1)


Countries: China, Ethiopia, Mexico, Pakistan, USA


Cumulative Average GPA: 3.4916

Prerequisite Average GPA: 3.5096

GRE or MCAT Verbal Average %ile: 50.8182


I can tell you that our program has attracted high quality, diverse students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Many hold graduate degrees, while others come directly from a bachelor's degree program. We're proud of the diversity and the quality of these students, and expect to attract and enroll diverse classes in the future.


Our program does have some preference in the first round for those from underserved medical areas in Indiana, and honorably discharged or active duty military personnel.


Questions? Contact us any time at paadmit@iupui.edu.


Office of Student Enrollment Services

Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

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