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"My role as a PA is to be a dependent healthcare provider"

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Came across this video of some derm PAs which I found interesting.


The MD also states that she reviews all of the PAs charts and lab reports daily. It seems the profession is split, with older PAs wanting more independence and new PAs fully assuming the position of being a dependent practitioner.


Your thoughts?

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I disagree. I feel that there are many older PAs that want things to stay the same as well as new ones that got into this because they wanted few hours, no liability, and good wages. I honestly think that the percentage that want to expand our practice in about the same in both groups, IME.


As for the video, I shat a brick at what they had to say. They basically sound like glorified H&P takers they do a few procedures. 1) don't tell me you had a passion for derm. You wanted a sweet salary, and there is nothing wrong with that. 2) if you are going to review the chart so that you can dictate treatment for every single patient, why have a PA in your office? Hire a RN and train them to be basically a glorified scribe, as these ladies are function as usually, and hire one PA to do nothing but procedures all day long. There, I just made you a other 100k/year

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