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  1. Having to commit to a primary care osteopathic residency after med school.. seems like a huge sacrifice for not very much. Is a DO family med salary high enough to warrant the cost of med school+ loss of potential income?
  2. How do these people get SUCH wrong information? Where are they even getting this info?
  3. Why do people even make these threads showboating they have a 3.88 gpa? Do you honestly think you need a 4.0 to get into PA school? /bitter student that got his first C last semester :saddd:
  4. We all know that PA education provides a stronger and more comprehensive medical education than NP programs, and is designed to seamlessly integrate into medical practice alongside physicians. The issue it seems is that physicians, while some may acknowledge the stronger aptitude of a PA, still and will continue to group PAs and NPs in the same 'midlevel' category. So, as the war rages on with nursing organizations for increasing autonomy and a greater piece of the pie, MDs will only hold tighter onto the reigns of the midlevels they CAN control- PAs, who are governed by the boards of m
  5. Well, you definitely sound like many pre-meds I've met :). Save yourself from constantly thinking "I should have gone to med school" years from now and just go for that MD. Although I do believe strong personalities like yourselves could be great advocates for the profession.. but that's me being selfish.
  6. Thanks for the info.. Can you share what has been the most challenging so far in the program?
  7. I still have at least a year until I apply! I will definitely retake it then, thank you both. But I don't think I could handle taking Physio at the same time though since I will be taking Microbio and General Chem as well.
  8. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I bombed my Anatomy final which brought my grade down from a 92% to 79%. Now I am stuck with a "C" on my transcript for what is probably the single most important prerequisite course for a PA program. I'm pretty stressed out. My issue is that my college has a no-repeat policy on passing grades, so I can't repeat it. Should I retake Anatomy at another community college or go straight into physio? What would you do in this situation? (with the C, my GPA is now 3.6, and sGPA 3.5)
  9. Whether you're a current PA, PA-S, or Pre-PA, is anyone else concerned that there may be a huge influx of PAs in California soon leading to a downward spiral of PA salaries? There are currently 9 accredited PA programs operating in CA, and I just checked the ARC-PA site and the below schools are developing new programs: California Baptist University Chapman University Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science Marshall B. Ketchum Univiversity (Southern California College of Optometry) Southern California University of Health Sciences Not to mention 50+ new PA programs b
  10. Just wondering, are you even a competitive applicant for an MD program? I think many pre-PAs don't quite understand that applying to MD is more than just a high MCAT score (which itself is a huge feat) but also having a 3.6+ GPA from a reputable university, year of o-chem, year of physics, year of calculus (for some schools), research experience, etc.
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