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PA Teaching at medical school

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I work at a university hospital and we have PA student, med students, interns and residents. "Teaching" is different in each stage. The med students see us as instructors (which we are by title and job). the interns see us as coworkers and the residents think they know everything and we are their personal assistants that write notes and enter orders for them. Don't get me wrong. We have some great residents and I learn a ton from them. Its the annoying ones that think they know everything because they are a 3rd year surgery resident who can barely tie a knot that makes me miss private practice.

As PAs, we do have opportunities as instructors to teach in the med school. We are asked each year to help out on the basic stuff like how to take a history and perform a physical exam.

As a PA at my institution there is lots of teaching opportunities. However, most of the time it seems to be teaching the residents what a PA can actually do besides be their personal assistant.

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