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How PAs get hired after school?

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Are they qualified to work in all specialties ? we know that physicians do residency but not all PAs do ? PAs do a very short rotation in each specially,is that enough to practice ,lets say after graduating i get a job in cardiology, ill be able to recognize the murmurs? How about Hematology oncology will they be able to know all kinds of cancers, it takes the physician three years of fellowship after the internal medicine to know that !

or is it like for the first few years working under the cardiologist they learn everything in that specialty !

what if wanna work after that in dermatology, do i need to start over again and learn under a dermatologist ?


now the important thing is can you choose what specialty you wanna be in after school ?


please let me know , these questions are very confusing for me

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Yes, they can work in all specialties, but they aren't expected to know everything when they get there. No one knows everything, which is why there is a healthcare team. PAs work alone in some locations (often more rural where the physician is a phone call away) but they are usually in primary care. There are residency type program available and links to them on this site if you want to see how those work. All PAs have a supervising physician to consult when they have questions. I'm sure some are more helpful/available than others. You apply for jobs after school and can get a job in any area of medicine. Some specialties in certain locations will be harder (or even impossible) to get into without experience, which is probably a huge benefit of the residency programs.


If you start out in primary care/emergency/obgyn etc. when you graduate, you can change to any other specialty if you can find a job. PAs do not have to go to additional training and if a job is available they can get it. You will notice in some areas that a lot of specialty positions want experienced PAs instead of new grads, so the biggest thing to keep in mind is that flexibility in location or area of practice may be necessary.


Because you don't seem to understand the profession fully, I recommend at the very least shadowing a PA and you would benefit from working with some in a paid position.

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