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UNC-Chapel Hill - New Program

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Some interesting news out of NC...been hearing rumors of a program in the works at UNC-Chapel Hill and they made an official announcement today about the creation of a PA program (with help from BCBS) and are planning to enroll the first class in 2015. The interesting part is that the program will be designed exclusively for veteran medics and they are working with US Army Special Ops Command Force to enroll Special Forces Medical Sergeants. Heard from someone who has viewed curriculum drafts that there should be a model for inclusion of Navy Corpsmen as well. It's almost like the program is a throwback to when the PA profession was originally created for Navy Corpsmen at Duke..


Interesting concept, in my opinion. I don't know of another PA program that is exclusively designed for veterans (anyone?? correct me if I'm wrong) and and I know UNC has the resources and faculty to make this a fabulous program. I think it's a great opportunity for these medics who have significant training and experience and a good way for them to transition into the civilian healthcare system. I'm only slightly bitter that my alma mater is finally creating a PA program I wouldn't qualify for :)


Official press release here:


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