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  1. I got my BS in liberal studies from TESC and actually received a grade for the one course that i had to take, did you not take the capstone course? I know its just one class but still. I actually transferred over 117 credits to them so those are the transcripts that CASPA used for my undergrad GPA. As far as my degree being from there i didnt have a problem but again I did have at least one grade from my transcript with them and then 117+ grades from a combo of different transcripts.
  2. Undergrad and grad are two different loan limits. There is a TOTAL (undergrad and grad) but its hard to go over that with just undergrad loans since undergrad loans have their own limits. When I first applied for loans for grad school i got that same email but it was in regards to undergrad loans and i had no issues from there. Im sure if you contact your fin aid advisor you will find that youre ok. Now if you have already used grad money towards a previous degree....that may be another story....
  3. OP I know what you mean. While some people try very hard and strive to get the best grades---ish happens. Some schools are a lot more strict on what flies and what doesnt. I know that my school is a lot nicer when it comes to academics than some other programs that friends have attended. With that said, i think if you go to a program where you feel comfortable and where you think the curriculum is better suited for you and the faculty seems very supportive and has tons of resources for you PLUS you do everything in your power to learn the material, youll be fine no matter the requirements of y
  4. Uh i hope he was messing with you....kinda awkward to say " Yes....yes I know you cut your finger off but i really need to give you a pelvic exam......"
  5. I got a C in G. chem II and never took O. chem so....theres a lot more to an applicant than just grades
  6. I think (at least for me) its surprising that with those stats, to not get 1 interview out of 12 schools is different than if the OP only applied to 5 and didnt get any. There are people with less hce and/or lower stats getting interviewed so yeah.....its surprising out of 12
  7. When I was in Orlando and first looked into the profession (approx 2005) the PA I spoke with said that he started at 90k 10 years prior (95). Not sure if it was the same company (one of those contract companies that the ER used to get providers) but still.....
  8. I appreciate my pharm course. Of course it wasnt as in-depth as what EMTs and RNs learn (because they are actually tying in conditions with their learning). My basic pharm course was more like: antibiotics are for bacterial infections, some are bacteriacidal while some are bacteriostatic (and what that means), these treat gram - and these treat gram +, these have significant possible side effects and negative reactions with these drugs...we didnt actually cover things like xyz is the best course of treatment for this type of pneumonia vs this type. Then we went on to antivirals, anti fungals e
  9. If you pay your tuition for the semester before your loans hit, then they should send it all to your account when disbursement starts. Same concept just on a different schedule
  10. just_me

    Science GPA

    Not sure....if anything maybe "other science" but that is truly up to CASPA When I calculated on my own I went with worse case scenario which was good because then I was pleasantly surprised by my CASPA calculation as opposed to disappointed
  11. just_me

    Science GPA

    You read it wrong....a WF is counted as a 0 because your school is saying essentially you failed the class.....W and WP are not counted at all
  12. Ha wow. I of course paid my tuition with loans so I was surprised to see what you were guys were saying and checked out my own school.....heck they wont even let you make a payment with a CC/debit card....it has to be by check in person or online.... OP: perhaps you would be able to use it when making payments to the loan company, should you still chose to sell. Although like another poster mentioned, it may be more beneficial to keep it....perhaps have a property management company rent it out for you.
  13. Seems like a good idea to me...those miles would come in handy. If you have a particular airline you like to fly, maybe get one of their cards, I think Chase and Bank of America have several different airline cards to choose from and CapitalOne always has commercials about theirs. Go for the one with less restrictions on traveling like no blackout dates. I have seen points come in handy with my friends whne it comes time fo buy tickets for the holidays and they are short on cash.
  14. I was told that its good to make sure to join the PA society in the states your interested in a little early, get on the mailing list, try to make some networking events early as well. Networking is the key. It one of the things i like about knowing people in the class ahead of me as well. They will have been in the real world for a year by the time I graduate and could be great resources when I start my own hunt...
  15. 1. What appealed to you about the program before starting? ‚ÄčReputation and location of the program/university 2. Has the program met your expectations? If so, how? Meh....I didnt really have any expectations so I cant really answer that. I just knew it would be hard, but not knowing what to expect kept me from having expectations....if that makes any sense 3. What were you looking for in a program? What kind of PA are you looking to become after graduation I just wanted a program where I felt like faculty cared, was in an area that I didnt mind living in and I would dress casual for cl
  16. CASPA only has links to programs that go through them.....there are a few others that do not use CASPA...PAEA has all of them along with requirements and everything
  17. I learned how to cry on the inside That was serious but super seriously anatomy is great along with anatomical landmarks because when learning about physical exam, everything is described by anatomical landmarks
  18. I would think a program would only pay a really good preceptor....one they KNOW will teach and provide opportunities for a student to get great hands on experience...
  19. Im in the middle and it doesnt really seem to affect anything except you have more of those students that have non-contributory comments and left field questions.....I will say I purposely skipped the programs with the really high head count only because I was use to smaller class size and getting to know my my classmates
  20. If a LOR writer is really nice and/or you guys have known each other for a bit (the best people to have write it if possible) and/or really like you and hope you get in, they send you a copy before submitting....all of mine did
  21. LOL then I would hate to hear your opinion on my stats because this girl didnt do any of that "extra" stuff...work and school were enough plus being a single parent (which they didnt know):;;D:
  22. Ugh I remember when I had one foot out the door to UNE....I was IN LOVE with the prices I had found
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