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  1. AWESOME THREAD!!! I know how busy faculty/staff can be, so for you to take the time to do this is awesome!! PS definitely not trying to downplay the other PDs that post here because they are awesome, its just nice that pre-pa's have this "go to" thread. Hope it has been made a sticky!!
  2. I know this is super late but I didnt have to explain anything to anyone. As a matter of fact I tol the schools that I transferred there just to finish my BS degree because the school I was at changed the graduation requirements at the last minute. I let them know if I didnt transfer then I wouldnt graduate on time. UNE even went the extra step--I wouldnt have graduated (technically) from TESC until late June after UNEs program started, as long as I had a letter saying I was set to graduate, they still would have let me matriculate and turn in the copy of my degree later

  3. I know this is super late but yeah I took and it was fine.....a lot of reading and processing though

  4. As for shoes, I havent started rotations yet but when working as an MA running around the world I wore a pair of running shoes that I purchased after having my gait assessed.....very comfortable and I will continue to wear them
  5. PAMAC I cant leave you alone for 2 seconds can I? Ya trouble magnet:;;D:
  6. A LOT of schools wont let you complete courses faster than 3 months I have found....even independent study courses. If you need to, make sure you ask before registering...I made that mistake with a school in Utah...they actually make you wait for one assignment to be graded before you can submit another and it could take up to 5-7 days just to get a grade back
  7. I wouldnt pay it.....you could most likely find it cheaper online in your own state....heck even at southeast communinty college out of state tuition is only 55.00 her hour
  8. I noticed on your accepted stats post you completed your degree through Thomas Edison. I plan on completing my degree with them also, did any of the schools you interviewed with, specifically UNE, have anything to say about using TESC to complete your degree?


    Thanks for all your great posts and good luck with PA school!!!

  9. why is it that people use the silly term "butt-hurt"? perhaps people should stop white knighting (which only adds fuel to the fire) and let the OPs take the advice to change their title and continue on with their posting history theres too many people here who feel they need to protect and in doing so, blow things up to the point where its just silly. take this dicussion for example.....going on in at least 3 threads...overkill when theres no discussion...the forum owner says select the appropriate title or be deleted....simple enough right? perhaps more people need to grow up and learn how to listen to WHAT is being said and not HOW its being said.... I guess this post means Im "butt hurt" as well......meh whatever:heheh:
  10. I find myself pm'ing a lot of newbs about that Seems it rubs Banuchi the wrong way as well....not having the appropriate title will get you deleted
  11. meh probaly not but the easiest way to get the forum out is for people to grow with it.....I did and have directed quite a few pre-pas to post here I also suggest that they read all the stickies and search before posting
  12. I think it starts with the programs....if we could get more of them to add the forum to their "helpful links" pages I think it would help increase pre-pas who will move on to be students who will move on as practicing PAs
  13. When you get a chance could you email me the online tutoring company that you worked for ....seems like a great idea!

  14. "Why would the doctors be afraid you will make a mistake? Will you suddenly become well a complete moron the moment you move Isaquena County. That seems like a metaphysical impossibility." My new favorite quote
  15. I see that you took pathophyz online. How was it? Im looking to take it in the next few semesters but I am very weary of online courses. Some of them are simply ridiculous. Thanks!

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