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Best Time To Submit CASPA, Before or After all pre-reqs are done?

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Hello Folks!

I just found this forum a few days ago and am already learning SO much. Thank you all for your discussion and input! Here is a brief synopsis of my situation and question:



HCE: 5 years Navy Corpsman (work under a PA and saw my own patients), 9 months Lab Assistant (Phleb, EKGs, ABGs)

College: BA done in December and STARTING sciences in January 2013. I will be going full time and taking Bio, A&P I & II, Micro, inorganic chem I, intro to o-chem/biochem, Psych, and Lifespan Psych.

undergrad cGPA: will be 3.0

post bach sGPA: I am extremely determined and think I can get over 3.5 in the above listed courses. If I do, my adjusted cGPA would be about 3.2-3.3



for the 2013-14 application cycle, when should I finalize my CASPA app? Should i turn it in early (may-june) with outstanding pre-reqs in progress knowing that those grades will not be verified and calculated by CASPA? Or should I wait until mid-august when all my course work in complete? I know that earlier is very beneficial, but I also know that much of the strength of my package will come from the strong science GPA that I will be earning this winter, spring, and summer qtrs. NOTE: due to course pre-reqs my A&P II class will not be until summer qtr, this is obviously a very important pre-req.



PS: my top choice is MEDEX, second is Duke, and then whichever programs I think I will have the best shot at getting in to.




Hope this is not too much info, thanks for the help!

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Applying while you're still pending a class or two would be ideal depending on the program(s) you're applying to. Some programs want all prerequisites completed before you submit your application but their website will list if that is the case or not. I would advise that you take into account the level of difficulty for the classes you have remaining, though. It's certainly doable to knock them out using the plan you laid out, but keep in mind those classes are pretty intense. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot having gotten to this point only to botch a prerequisite or two so be sure to have a solid understanding of the time commitments you're undertaking. Applying next cycle while you're still pending A&P II shouldn't give you any headaches but I would advise you to complete most of the courses you listed before applying so they can weigh in your favor (pending you do well in them). MEDEX is a fine choice, and they truly value the experiences and lessons learned from military medicine.

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