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I have a couple questions about health care experience that I would appreciate some feedback on if anyone can help.


1) Does anyone know if working in the emergency room as a social worker counts toward your health care hours?


2) I was a full-time firefighter/emt-b for 2 years. I worked approximately 3000-3500 hours per year while in this position and worked mostly on the amblunace because I was newer guy. I had days where I was on the engine but even on the engine you participated in the medical calls. How would I calculate my hours for this position?


3) How can CASPA or the university you apply to possibly verify your health care experience? I know they can call to make sure you had the job you claimed to have, but I can't imagine your emloyer giving them a record of every hour that you worked.


Thanks. I'd appreciate any feedback you have to give.

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1. No idea about social work in an ER. That will vary from school to school, best resource is to contact the schools you are interested in.


2. I counted all my hours that I worked as a medic/firefighter. The last paycheck of each year has hours worked for that year. 80% of 911 calls are medical based so I figured that was good enough. I have never heard of a school actually verifying the hours that you worked. I suppose they could ask for your W2 statements or something to that affect if they really had a thread of doubt. But here is my take on that....if a school is sketched by your application to the point that they feel the need to track down your hours worked, they are going to just round file (throw away in a trash can) your application. They have anywhere from 600 to 1500 applications to review and really don't need to add to their work load. Make sure your application, LORs, personal statement all rock so your hours don't matter. Last thought on hours. Working a 24/48 shift for 52 weeks straight with no days off is a 2920 hr work year. Toss in a couple of days of overtime here and there and you'll crack the 3000 hour mark. However..are you sure you didn't take any leave? 4000 hours is one of the highest required amounts that I have seen in schools. If you have that number padded by a thousand or so ie: 2500 hours worked for 2 years, is it worth them to scratch their head and ask themselves "did this person really work 3000-3500 hours or are they padding their resume?" I say that extra 1000-1500 hours isn't worth the pause it may cause them.

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