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Hi all,


I am wanting to make the career change from social worker (msw) to PA. I have been a school social worker the past couple of years and while I do like social work, I would have done my research and truly believe the career shift to PA is for me. I am currently trying to start to get everything aligned to one day apply to a PA program. I am shifting to work as a medical social worker. I am looking into trying to get hours shadowing. I had a couple of questions and would love general input from anyone else who has gone from social worker to PA.


1. Does hospital social work count towards medical experience hours?

2. What else should be be doing to help me gain adequate medical experience to be apply for PA school?

3. What volunteer opportunities should I be looking into for application?

4. Can I take prerequisites at a community college? Does this affect my application? 

5. Any other general advice for helping my chancing of getting into a program?

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1. No idea, you’d likely have to ask the schools your applying to. It is likely to vary. If it were behavioral health, I would accept it.

2. if you’re doing BH, I think you’re in a good spot. If not, you could get a job in the ED as a social worker and this would probably look good.

3. whatever you are passionate about and can do a lot of without hating it.

4. Shadow, work with PAs to get a good LOR, work on any science GPA issues, apply broadly.


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