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Touro College, Middletown Campus 2021-2022

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On 8/16/2021 at 9:56 AM, Arbi18 said:

Congrats! When did you apply? Would you mind sharing your stats please? 

Of course! 🙂 I applied in late June, graduated with a degree in Biochemistry in 2021. I’m also located in CA! First-Gen and bilingual (Tagalog)!

uGPA: 3.71

sGPA: 3.54

PCE: EMT (1000) and unlicensed MA (1000)

EC: member of PPASO (pre-PA club), minister at my church, volunteer coach for track and field, competitive powerlifting and was on my school’s team, tutor for physics & chem

Leadership: little/none 😞

Hope this helps!! 🙂


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7 hours ago, lala387 said:

How was the interview style? Was there a writing prompt and was it a few faculty members or just one?

There was a brief introduction in the beginning, a little break, and you return once it’s your allotted time.

For the interview on 8/30, the intro meeting was at 9:00AM, ended around 10:15AM, and I came back to the zoom meeting at 12:30PM (my interview time), and was there for about 40 mins. I had 2 interviewers, both faculty members! 🙂

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