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  1. @lala387Nothing yet! I went to an info session in April and they said they were expecting accreditation in July and would start interviewing around then. They also said all interviews were planned to be virtual
  2. Received an interview invite for Aug 12th! Verified 6/5.
  3. Hi everyone! I received an interview invite today! Looks like all interviews will be conducted virtually. I submitted 6/2 and was verified 6/5
  4. Sure! I submitted 6/2 and was verified 6/5. Some of my stats were GPA: 3.88 sGPA: 3.83 GRE: 316, 5.0 AWA PCE: 1523 hours as PCT Shadowing: 120 hours (96 PA hours) I'm still so shocked I received an acceptance!!
  5. I just got an email saying I was accepted to the Delaware Campus. I am little confused too
  6. @ARLPrePAI was verified 6/6 and haven’t received anything yet. From last years thread it looks like they don’t send invites until around October
  7. I got an interview invite for July 20th!! Submitted 6/2, verified 6/5 and confirmation email on 6/7
  8. I’m applying to Bay Shore! Also judging from last years thread, end of June is still pretty early!
  9. Hi everyone! I was verified 6/5 and received a confirmation email 6/14. Hopefully I didn’t submit too late, good luck all!!
  10. Hi guys! I was verified 6/5 and received a confirmation email today (6/12). Good luck to everyone applying!
  11. Hi everyone! I was verified 6/5, received confirmation on 6/7 and 6/11 (today) was told my application is ready for formal review. GL everyone!
  12. Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for Middletown. Good luck to everyone applying!!
  13. Does anyone know if they will be reviewing CASPer Snapshot?
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