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General Biology Lab Requirement

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Hey! I had a question about fulfilling the gen bio lab requirements. 

I know that most PA schools require 2 semesters of gen bio with lab for a total of 8 credits. As far as I know, most colleges offer 4 credit gen bio classes with lab.

At my college, the 2 gen bio classes are lectures only, and 3 credits each. So a full year of gen bio lecture is 6 credits. Rather than having a 1 credit lab component to each lecture, gen bio lab is a separate 2 credit class that is combined into one semester. Would this be acceptable?

I know that premed students at my school are able to take the 3 classes to fulfill bio requirements but I just wanted to double-check that it’s the same for PA schools.


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Havent actually heard this one yet. I'm assuming if it is 6 credits of class and 2 of lab then it would be accepted (since the important thing is 8cr total). Although you might have to go through the step of getting it cleared by the school. Which is an extra step. Then when adding classes to caspa you may run into a snag when matching classes to prerequisites. I do not remember if you can match a class to more than one prerequisite.

It sounds like it shouldn't be a problem though. I hope someone may have a more concrete answer. You can always start early and ask the schools at this time.

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Thanks for your help KuchiKopi!

I'm hoping that since its still 8 credits in total it shouldn't be a problem. My college does the same thing with organic chem, where the lectures are 3 credits each and lab is a 1 semester 2 credit class. I haven't heard any premed run into trouble with this so I'm hoping its the same for PA school.

If I'm not allowed to match a class to more than one prerequisite how would I navigate that when the time comes?


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