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class re-takes

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Hi guys,


This is my first post so go easy on me :smile:


So my question is pretty basic, I took my general biology and chemistry courses back in 2005-2006 at a quarter based school, and just made the decision to come back into school and in the process of taking 3 of these courses over (biology 2 and biology 3) and (chemistry 2) that I didn't receive a great score in. C+, D, C+ respectively.


I got an A- in biology 1, B in chemistry 1, B in chemistry 2 LAB, A- in chemistry 3, B in chemistry 3 LAB


I haven't taken any other science courses, So I plan on taking anatomy,physio,micro.


I know some schools have the 7 year rule, but some have the 10 year rule, in which case I can still use these courses.


For the schools with the 7 year rule, would the chemistry requirements be fulfilled if I took the ochem series instead?


I want to do this because I would rather take a new series, just so I can show that I can handle ochem and I also hated general chemistry.


Also, would I count the classes that are older than 7 years into account of my gpa when I calculate it?


And also for Biology 1, which I am not retaking, would taking anatomy,physio,micro suffice? I don't see the point in taking biology 1 over again, even if it is older than 7 years, if I am repeating 2 and 3.


btw, I was an Economics major in undergrad, and was wondering if this would put me at a serious disadvantage also..


Any suggestions/inputs would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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* All classes count for your GPA, regardless of age. GPA doesn't age out... although really, maybe it should. :-)

* The specific '7 year rule' or '10 year rule' nuances will vary from school to school. Some will probably let you get by with what you plan, while others may not. I haven't looked at a lot of schools, but most seemed to just require A&P, not all bio/chem classes, to be done (or redone) within their horizon.

* No, econ won't be a detriment. Business backgrounds give those of us who have them a whole lot more credibility talking about the business of medicine.


Good luck!

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