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What are my chances? Advice welcome!

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So I am starting to get high anxiety...


I am about to submit my applications but just waiting for 1 transcript to arrive at CASPA first. I am hoping its not "too late" to still get interviews and a chance at a spot. Is submitting in late July too risky?


Also... here are my quick stats, what do you think?


GPA: 3.56 (Michigan State University)

Science GPA: 3.27

Post Bach GPA: 3.6 (Oakland University)

GRE: 148 math, 153 verbal, 4.5 writing

Patient Contact Hours: 747, (672 paid Nurse Assistant at hospital, the rest non-paid nursing home aid)

Shadowing: 20 hours (Pediatrics and Oncology PAs)

3 Letters: 1 manager at hospital, 1 Dermatology Physician (&friend), 1 PA who I shadowed

Essay: Should be good, I am a strong writer

Volunteering & certifications & honors: this is somewhat my weak point, I've been very very busy with classes lately... but I was a team leader for the american heart association heart walk and recently started volunteering at an animal shelter and I was on the deans list all 4 years of college. I am BLS certified, First aid certified and also I have improved my grades steadily throughout school.


What do you all think? Be honest! If I don't get accepted it only means more time to improve my application for next year! Thanks :)

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