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How many words should I use for an essay question that doesn't specify?

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As others said, depends on the question. If it's a pretty specific question I'd guess you can answer it thoughtfully and completely in either 1 or 3 paragraphs depending on how specific it is. I like 3 paragraphs because you can kind of use the 5 paragraph essay format of opening, body, conclusion, just make sure 1 and 3 are succinct.

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Thanks a lot guys, I actually came across a couple supplemental applications with essay questions that don't specify length. Here they are....


Please write a concise narrative stating your reason(s) for wanting to attend the Emory PA Program. This is your opportunity to tell the Admissions committee why you deserve serious consideration for a place in the next class. This should NOT be a duplication of your CASPA narrative. Specifically, tell us:


* How have your activities and life choices prepared you to become an Emory PA?

* What do you bring to the Emory PA Program that will help the Program meet its mission?

* What does the Emory PA Program offer you?


Explain how study in your degree at Tufts will further your career goals. Candidates for the Physician Assistant Program should use this opportunity to describe their prior experience in the health care field and understanding of the role of a physician assistant

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