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DEA question

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Hi everyone, 

I am a recent grad who just applied for my DEA license last week. I checked the status today to find that my registration went through, but only lists schedule 2 was approved on my registration, when I applied for 2-5. I called the DEA and they confirmed I applied for 2-5, but told me the state board of medicine must have only approved schedule 2 and suggested I contact them...?

Has anyone had a similar issue? None of my classmates seemed to have had this problem and there are no legal issues involved. I really cannot see what the issue may have been other than an oversight on someone's part, but I really don't want to have to pay the $888 fee again if my application needs re-processed. I am practicing in Pennsylvania. I have already reached out to the PA BOM but have yet to hear anything. 


Any advice is welcome! Thanks 


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Doesn't make any sense that the state BOM would say you can RX schedule II, but not V.  I'm not sure that DEA even directly checks with BOM about applicants aside from confirming what schedule PAs are approved to RX in that state.  I would see what is actually on the certificate when you get it.  If it does just have schedule II, then you should be able to go on the website and update your registration without paying anything.  

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Thanks everyone!

After hours worth of phone calls with both the national and local DEA offices and the SBOM...it is fixed 😅  I did apply for the correct schedules but apparently there was a "processing error" on the part of the board. The man at the local DEA office told me he has never seen that occur before - lucky me, I guess. 

Annoying to go through the process of fixing but as you guys stated, it didn't require an additional fee which was my major concern. 

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