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Interpreting the salary report

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Could someone explain how to interpret the salary report in regards to the base salary and bonus? Do the numbers indicate that, for example, one falling in a certain percentile receives a base salary of "x" in ADDITION to the listed bonus. Or are they separate of each other?
Just wanted to clarify this. 
Thanks ahead of time.
I've attached an example..


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It's a pretty broad term that can mean a lot of things.  I took that salary survey and included a "bonus" which for me was a "additional workload" bonus for covering another service that is short-staffed.  But a "bonus" could also be a structured productivity bonus, a bonus for hitting quality metrics, profit sharing, etc.  So it's a pretty broad term, but it's definitely referring to income on top of salary. Total compensation would be the two added together.

Unless the survey were to restrict answers to "structured bonus", that number will contain any amount of additional income (as my response did) which may or may not correlate with the opportunities at your institution/employer.  Hope that helps!

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