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  1. Negotiating a raise with my employer. 3.5 years of experience in interventional pain management Would any one be kind enough to share their salary + bonus, days worked per week, and patient volume? You could also direct message me. THANK YOU
  2. Could someone explain how to interpret the salary report in regards to the base salary and bonus? Do the numbers indicate that, for example, one falling in a certain percentile receives a base salary of "x" in ADDITION to the listed bonus. Or are they separate of each other? Just wanted to clarify this. Thanks ahead of time. I've attached an example..
  3. Hi everyone, What percentage of total collections should a PA's pay be in your opinion? I've seen received several different answers in the past. Is 50% collections unreasonable? I am at about 30% and 4 years into the same job and am bringing this up with my employer soon... Thank you for your responses
  4. Just be able to rationalize why you did scored lower than you would like. Make sure your narrative is written perfectly. -2017 Grad
  5. Hi, I'm moving from CO to GA and completing the licensure application as well. I'm assuming you've finished at this point?
  6. Yes, I agree to ANESMCR that it is a state that favors NPs. However, NPs also do a much better job staying political and advocating their profession. I have been practicing in Denver for 3 years and find that overall it's in the "middle" of the road as far as how PAs are viewed and treated. Pay is at or above the standards with AAPA salary report, at least based on the field I work in (PM & R). I have friends who work in primary care who are not as happy with their pay, though. Overall I have no complaints and have not been patronized by any physician since I have been in pract
  7. I have a like-new Welch Allyn diagnostic set for sale. My program required I purchase it. Everything works perfectly. Original cost was $900. Asking $600. https://www.reddingmedical.com/welch-allyn-panoptic-97800-msl-student-edition?gclid=CjwKCAjw8NfrBRA7EiwAfiVJpTGDVjBEDSCPdJhHplFudGwl4fOE5HQFZML6czoROeMIgUfhHQ2OFhoCDCoQAvD_BwE
  8. Any PAs in the Denver area doing botox injections??
  9. Anyone have any experience with peripheral neurostimulators, specifically the SPRINT PNS?
  10. Avg overall GPA was around 3.4 for our class. We had some who had 3.0 and some who had a 4.0, though. Def going to need very good grades in your prereqs, as the applicant pool is very competitive. I think our class had over 800 applicants, interviewed 150 or less and 70 started and finished the program. I applied to South 3 times before I got in. Get A's in your prereqs, beef up your volunteer and health care experience hours, get good recs, and get your application in as soon as the cycle opens. By the way, some of the faculty are VERY proficient and picky about writing skills- so your
  11. 70 seats, rolling admissions. They usually accept about 10 off the wait list. They don't disclose how many seats are open but it's definitely to your benefit if you had your application in ASAP and were interviewed early. Great program and faculty. If I had to do PA school over again I would go to South. -2017 grad
  12. It's definitely a plus that you have a family member who is a physician, but he's not a PA. It doesn't matter what your position is as a provider, as I am sure you could understand it would be a bonus for you to have experience shadowing the specific career you're trying to get into. The same thing would apply (in my opinion) if your father was a PA and you were trying to get into nursing school. The role, the patient interaction, and many other things are very similar, but can also be quite different. Programs want to know that you have a very good understanding of what the role of a PA
  13. Has anyone started using Sublocade for addiction medicine?
  14. I am sure that every contract is different. At our pain clinic we require patient's to call us if they receive a prescription from any other provider outside our office. At that point we can decide whether or not they should fill it (usually only make exceptions if they cannot be evaluated within the next 24 hours). If they filled an outside prescription without us knowing until we look at their PDMP then they violated the contract and typically move from being evaluated every month to every 2 weeks with random pill counts and UDS. But yes, rule of thumb is absolutely no pain medication f
  15. CO PA-C


    For cosmetic botox, how long can you keep botox in the syringe after diluting it?
  16. Hey, I work as a PA, but in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A lot of time is spent in pain management. I would be happy to have you shadow, but we are definitely not primary care...
  17. Denver is a tough place to get a job. When I applied there were over 30 applicants for every position. May need to consider (as a second option) getting a job else where, getting some experience, and then looking for a job in Denver. No one ever mentioned the difficulty of getting a job as a new graduate...
  18. I used PACKRAT questions that people had posted on Quizlet all through PA school. I found them to be very helpful and consistent with how the PANCE questions were formatted.
  19. Will these mini-tests be a random collection or will they be organized into specialities- like all OB-GYN? The NCCPA makes money from PAs having take the PANCE and the PANRE. I would assume we will always have a test that we will be required to take so their cash flow stays up. An alternative is still an alternative. I'm not thrilled about this option, but I like it more than putting everything on the line in one day.
  20. I am 3 months into a position at a pain management/ physical rehabilitation clinic in Colorado. I would love to hear what additional interventional/ therapeutic services your clinic provides (that PAs can perform). I am looking for additional ways that to provide pain relief and increase profitability. The other PA at my office provides Botox injections for migraines. We also have an interventional anesthesiologist and a physiatrist who provide multiple injections. I currently perform US guided steroid injections and TPIs. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hello, Does anyone have a list of states that allow a "new graduate permit"/ temporary license while states licensure is pending? I found a chart on the AAPA several months ago but the page "does not exist" any longer. Specifically, I was hoping someone knows about Colorado. I apologize if this was placed in the wrong forum and greatly appreciate any responses.
  22. I am graduating in March and taking my PANCE 4/10/17. I am job hunting in Colorado and was curious of a realistic timeframe for being credentialed in the state- I have been told that I could expect to be nationally, state, and DEA certified by the middle of May. Does this sound accurate? Thank you
  23. I am graduating at the end of March (2.5 mo away) and have my PANCE scheduled for the beginning of April. -How far out from graduation should I start applying? I have already applied for a hand full of jobs but have not received any responses, yet. -Would it hurt my career in the long run if my first job were to be in something specific- such as working for Medi-Weightloss or taking a job in orthopaedics just because a position was available even though I eventually wanted to work in psychiatry, family medicine, or dermatology? -Other tips would be GREATLY appreciated, too. Th
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