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Study advice between didactic and clinical year??

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Hi all, I just completed my didactic year and am looking forward to starting clinical rotations in a few weeks. My question to past PA students is: what advice would you give for studying between didactic and clinical year? Are there any certain body systems, pharmacology topics, or disease processes that I should especially focus on? Any hints as to what we might be "pimped" on by our preceptors? We have been told to practice obtaining a complete medical history and physical exam during our break, but what else should I spend extra time with to prepare me for clinical rotations?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Rotation-specific prep you should ask from students in the cohort above you. They'll be the best source for what your preceptors are expecting.

In general, go back over ROS and Physical Exam skills so you don't have to reference them as often while conducting an HPI. There's a separate thread regarding pimping questions ("I'm the Object..." or something along those lines); it's dated, but still has some decent info.

Figure out what additional resources you'll use to study (Rosh, UWorld, Kaplan, Hippo, etc.); class notes typically don't get the job done alone. Finally, organize notes together based on body system (ex. Cardiology-->A&P, ClinMed, Pharm) if you haven't already for easier reference during the year.

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All depends on what your first rotation is right? If you're getting ready to head into 4-6 weeks of general surgery a thyroid workup should be at the bottom of your list.  My advice is to make everything rotation specific, my program did 4 week rotations, so around week 3 I'd start studying for the next round while still giving it my all on site.

Obtaining a history and performing a physical exam should be beaten into you by now 🙂

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