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Resume Formatting Help!

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Hi everyone!!

I am currently re-writing my resume for CASPA, and after looking up the best format to use, I'm running into contradictions between different resources. Some are just listing experiences under different categories, (i.e, under patient care experiences: emergency department tech at ____; patient care tech at ______; and so on) and others are describing these experiences as well (as you would when using a resume to apply for a job). What is the best way to go about this? How did you guys format yours? A few resources mentioned that the description is already in CASPA, so no need to reiterate. Others, say to briefly describe the job in one sentence.

Also, did anyone include an objective section? Of course the objective is getting accepted to a program, so is it necessary to say?

Thanks for any help in advance!




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To my knowledge, there is not  single format for biosketches. Once way to think about it is that it's just an ad: the reader is going to read it for a while and then probably get bored and stop. That argues for using whatever format that makes it easy (and interesting) to read.

For example, I wouldn't get all cranked up that you have to summarize a job in one sentence IF there is something there in  job or two that you feel you need more to convey them better. As far as an objective, you probably don't need one, though you could replace it with a brief summary that is a roadmap for what follows it.

Bottom line: take a shot at it using ANY format and then adjust, NOT to be compliant with the format but to succinctly tell the story that you want to tell.

Good luck!

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