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  1. I JUST GOT THE CALL!! Keep your phones on you guys!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  2. I received an acceptance today!! I am beyond excited! Cannot wait to meet all of you!!
  3. Just got my interview invite!!! Good luck to everyone, so excited for us!
  4. Congrats!! So excited for you! Was it an email or a phone call? Still super anxious to hear!
  5. Congratulations! I’m the 6th at 1pm. Any insight to how the interview is? It seems we’ll be using the full 4 hour block based off of the info!
  6. I am waitlisted from the 2/25 interview! Keeping my fingers crossed for everybody on the waitlist!
  7. Congrats!!! So happy for you! Did the happen to say if they were still calling people?
  8. Hi!! I’m not sure! This was the only day available on the calendar you could look at for Jan/Feb/March, but there was multiple different times to choose from. I read on the forums for Boston/Worcester that they were told they were interviewing for a waitlist or there were no seats available (??) but I haven’t been told that. I can let you know after the interview!
  9. I received this email as well. Did you happen to get any updates?
  10. Hi! Has anyone interviewed recently? What was everyone's stats that received interviews/acceptances? Any insight would be super helpful!! I am hoping there are still seats open!
  11. Hi guys! I literally JUST submitted my applications for this year as most schools I have interest in aren't rolling admissions, but I already received an interview invite!! I definitely had my doubts, and did not think it would happen this quickly (they had my completed application for less than 8 business hours). With that being said, please send me any and all interview advice!! I have watched youtube videos, and just ordered the PA Interview Guide book, but if anyone has any other recommendations or tips/tricks, i'd love to hear them!
  12. AHHH I just got an interview invite!! I will be interviewing Feb 25th! I'm hoping that's not too late for an acceptance afterwards!
  13. Hi all!! How long after submitting your app did you hear something? I see people mentioning a portal.. do I need to fill out another app or will they email you instructions??? Thanks for any insight!!
  14. Every school is different! https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Starting_Your_CASPA_Application/Getting_Started_with_Your_CASPA_Application/3_CASPA_Participating_Programs_and_Eligibility
  15. I did the basic pre-reqs and then some! Like I have medical terminology, nutrition, medical ethics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, a toxicology course, public health, and then an internal medicine course, amongst others. I am probably not the best person to compare too, since I did WAY more than necessary (i.e, extra classes and two minors), just wanted to show you that it is possible! You got this!
  16. UPDATE: submitted 1/5 around 3pm, verified 1/9 around 2am!
  17. Hi! I am a psychology major with two minors: anthropology and health promotions... NONE of which needed the PA prerequisites! Needless to say it’s a lot of work, I graduated with 162 credits when my college required 120 to graduate. I did it in four years, but took 10+ credits a summer. This was just me though! I obviously added a lot more to my plate with the non-science minor, let alone two. My biochem class required orgo as a pre-req, but some of the schools I was most interested in wanted this anyways. My physiology class needed biology as a pre-req, and so did microbio. It’s doable, just
  18. Hey guys! For those of you who have recently submitted their application, how long did it take for your app to be verified?! I am super nervous my app won't be verified by the 1/15 deadlines!
  19. Hi!! Check out job requirements for ER Techs, sometimes you don't need an EMT license or road experience. See if what experience you have qualifies you! ER Tech is a great job, and I definitely feel more prepared for PA school as an ER Tech!
  20. Also, I am unsure of how to categorize my job as a lifeguard. I know it is NOT PCE, but could it be considered HCE? Or, should I just list this as non-healthcare work experience? This is where most of my first aid training carries over from. In this job, I have actually performed CPR, saved people from drowning/choking, had to deliver emergency oxygen, assisted those having seizures, and so much more, so part of me wants to include this in HCE, but I'm not sure if schools would agree.
  21. Hi everyone! I am wondering how everyone described their experiences in CASPA. I found different viewpoints on this, and was curious to see which is considered the 'best' way. Some resources say to briefly describe your main roles and then add what you learned from it (relating to PA) and others say to bullet-point responsibilities as you would on a resume. I want to add that for me, my resume does not describe my responsibilities, just lists them, as there is a place in this for CASPA. I really want to make the best use of this space as possible!
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