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GRE Prep Recommendations?

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I'm a great student (always had a high GPA including in sciences), but I am terrified of the GRE. I started a prep course (ExamPAL) that isn't helping me at all. Halfway through and I'm still guessing on a lot of the questions because the way they're teaching clearly isn't helping me improve.

Any recommendations for how to prep for the GRE as someone who's been out of school for a long time and has never considered herself good at math? I think I may need an instructor led course (virtual as cases are still high in my area) instead of the self-paced and self-led online video class. Specific courses that address this, but also encouraging experiences of getting through this, would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I highly recommend Magoosh since they have videos and a lot of practice problems. I also used the 5lb book of GRE practice problems by manhattan prep. The book is broken into specific topics in math like stats, word problems, etc and has about 25-30 questions per chapter. I didn't really utilize the book for the verbal part as I was more comfortable in that area, so I don't remember how the verbal is split up. I was nervous prepping as I am not a huge fan of math and I do better with someone in front of me explaining math, however the videos on Magoosh are thorough and you can ask questions and someone from their team responds rather quickly. I felt like both set me up for success. 

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I retook the GRE this past February and also used Magoosh! I'm not great at self-study, but their plan is already laid out for you so all you have to do is click on the day's lesson. If you do use it, I recommend taking your own notes so you can review them later. I started off just watching the videos thinking "oh yeah, I'll remember that" but I wasn't retaining the info.


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Long after the fact, but just closing this out in case it's something anyone is finding later searching with similar questions.

I ended up signing up for Princeton Review's GRE class in April 2021 with live (remote) instruction and taking the GRE in June 2021. The class was expensive, but made a huge difference. The teacher was encouraging and the classes were actually fun and well organized, I found my confidence, and I'd highly recommend going that route if the price is possible for you. I resisted paying that much at first, but paying twice was foolish in hindsight. I should have just paid the higher price up front. I ended up doing much better than I'd thought I could (322) and am very happy with where it set me up for PA applications.

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