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  1. I updated my application before submitting to Arcadia, so I didn’t need to email them. You could try reaching out to Marybeth Smith: smithme@arcadia.edu. Her email address was on the general PA program info session invitation as a “reply to” address. I hope that helps!
  2. I would email them just to be sure! I had to update my hours after submitting my app because I completely spaced out and miscalculated my hours, and I sent an email to each school I had applied to up until that point. They also confirmed receipt.
  3. I think programs prefer that they’re taken concurrently; it might depend on the program. I took organic chem 1 one semester and then the lab the following semester because I didn’t realize I needed the lab portion, and it seemed to be fine.
  4. Definitely time management and proper research into programs. The first two times I applied, I didn’t get any interviews but I also don’t think I actually met their prereq requirements. I also didn’t apply early and so seats were likely already filled if I even had a chance. Because of poor time management, my personal statement also wasn’t so great those first two times. This third cycle, I made sure to plan months in advance so I could have friends give feedback. I spent more time on it this round than I did the first 2 rounds combined! The hard work surely paid off, as I was offered 5
  5. Hey there! I have VERY similar GPAs to yours, and I got in this round after 2 unsuccessful rounds. I also wanted to get into PA school at any cost, so I made sure to apply to programs that had lower GPA thresholds and focused on my personal statement/supplemental essays. I also took (and retook) the GRE since a lot of the schools I wanted to apply to required them, but some don’t. I did have to retake prereqs because the ones I already took were expired, and I did a good chunk of them through the pre-health post-bacc program at Manhattanville College. It was expensive (private school, go
  6. I recommend looking at some programs you’re interested in and check their prereqs. Some will want upper level bio, some want biochem, but it all depends on the program. I took biochem because I had just taken organic chem and thought it might help boost my GPA (they’re very similar courses), but in the long run I probably didn’t need biochem.
  7. I retook the GRE this past February and also used Magoosh! I'm not great at self-study, but their plan is already laid out for you so all you have to do is click on the day's lesson. If you do use it, I recommend taking your own notes so you can review them later. I started off just watching the videos thinking "oh yeah, I'll remember that" but I wasn't retaining the info.
  8. Sure! I'll send you a DM. If anyone else is curious, just DM me.
  9. You should look up schools who focus on the past 60-90 credits; they do exist! From there, make sure to set aside a good amount of time to work on your personal statement and supplemental questions (if applicable), and maybe get some PA shadowing in there if there are opportunities. I'm not sure what shadowing will look like in this age of COVID, but some schools have a minimum for it. Most importantly, apply EARLY as a lot of programs participate in rolling admissions. I applied to schools with lower GPA thresholds, and who also took into account grade trends while focusing on the most r
  10. I was offered an interview but already accepted into the program I really loved. Sending good vibes to everyone and hope this opens up a spot for someone else here!
  11. I used Magoosh to study for the GRE, and I loved it! They have study plans and so it takes the guesswork out of figuring out what to study and when. It uses videos to review all concepts covered in the GRE, and lots of study questions to practice. There are a few mock exams, and doing those most definitely helped lessen day-of anxiety for me (I usually get a bit freaked out w/standardized testing). It was the cheapest option at the time, but it was totally worth it. I have a referral code if you end up using/buying it!
  12. I submitted literally minutes before the deadline for the first two cycles, and I didn’t put enough time into my personal statements (PS). I have a bunch of friends who offered to give feedback, but I didn’t give myself (or them lol) much turnaround time. I also didn’t do proper research and so I think all of the schools I applied to were out of reach to begin with, i.e. my GPA wasn’t even within their minimum. This cycle, I did A LOT of research into schools that accepted lower GPA and focused on applicants as a whole rather than just by the numbers. I also studied for months and retook
  13. Hi there! I’ve been retaking them over the course of 10-ish years (wow I feel dated lol) so it’s been through community/technical colleges and universities. I did take abnormal psychology online through one of the universities I went to, but it was a during a short term between fall and spring semesters. I think it depends on the program, but it seems like most schools will accept online coursework for certain prereqs. For example, if you have a science prereq with a lab, most (if not all) programs require that you are in-person for the lab. You’ll have to do some research on that. B
  14. I chose the PA path as a traditional undergrad and became a medical assistant to gain the healthcare experience hours. It took me 6 years to get into PA school, partly because I had to retake a lot of prereqs and mostly because I didn't put enough effort into my applications (I didn't get in until my 3rd cycle). For the first 2 cycles, I'm pretty sure I applied to schools I wasn't even qualified for. But there are plenty of non-traditional students like us, so if you truly want to become a PA and put in the work, your application will show it!
  15. I got an acceptance call this morning as well!! It’s been such a long/difficult journey... Many ugly tears were shed on the phone. For those still waiting or needing to apply next cycle: don’t give up! This was my 3rd application cycle with mediocre undergrad grades, but I put A LOT of effort into this round and it finally paid off. Sending positive vibes!
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