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  1. I was a third wave interview invite last year and received an acceptance offer the day they went out. Don't let the thoughts of the "waves" and points, cause you to underestimate your chances of being accepted!
  2. Good luck everyone! The hard part is over, take a deep breath and be confident in who you are!
  3. We can provide insight on if we think you'll get in or not but it is a biased opinion based off our own journey as most of us have never been on an admissions committee. Your stats are average, however I know people who were accepted with those same stats or lower and I also know people who were rejected with the same stats or better. Your science GPA is low and depending on the schools you're interested in your PCE could be considered low as well. I would suggest looking at the admission statistics for the schools you're planning on applying to in order to gauge how you compare and go from th
  4. In regards to changing you major, unless it is something you want to do, you don't have to change it to apply to PA school. I know someone who has a degree in computer sciences and minor in history that is a phenomenal PA. You just have to make sure that you have the required prerequisites for programs. To answer the question do you have a chance? There is always a chance. No one can tell you whether or not you're wasting your time, that is only something you can decide. Will you have to work hard to achieve this goal? Absolutely! You can be accepted with F's, D's, and W's on your transcr
  5. My best advice for beating nerves is to do some mock interviews. It doesn't have to be through a service or anything. I had one of my really good friends (that I know would take it seriously) "interview" me twice leading up to the actual day. It really helped!
  6. Ours changed to that last year too once they started reviewing and sending out invites. I would not be worried about it as long as you received an email that your application was complete!
  7. Generally the PURL updates first with the notification of the interview invite and then an email follows. If it's like last year, if you signed up for the interview before the email came you didn't get an email. Interview invites go out about every 72 hours as that is how long they give you to respond to the invite. For us last year first wave went out on June 9th and third wave went out on June 16th. I would stay hopeful if you have not gotten a rejection! That means there is still a chance. I'm not exactly sure how/when rejections get sent. I know based on posts on this thread th
  8. Once all the invites have went out there will be an email sent out with details about the Q and A from our mentor committee.
  9. To my understanding the vaccine is required (once FDA approved) unless you have a documented medical or religious reason as to why you cannot receive the vaccine. I would assume staff and students in this situation would be required to mask and social distance.
  10. Hello! I have no idea how the adcom scores but I would not worry about not currently having a job. I am not sure what they will be asking this year. My best advice would be if they happen to ask during interviews you could mention that you are currently in between jobs (if you decide to mention you left your job, DO NOT talk negatively about it as it reflects poorly on you, even if you had a good reason for leaving). You have other positives going in your life I would focus on those factors instead.
  11. Hi!!! Also a current student! The cadaver lab and SCSIL lab are two of the major reasons I chose EVMS. For cadaver lab we were placed in groups and assigned a body to dissect throughout the semester, and you also have the opportunity to observe other donors in the room. PA students do also use the SCSIL Lab, but you don't use it in the first semester. We started using it this semester since we are now working on patient interactions. First semester is building your knowledge foundation before you start getting into the other aspects of this career. If you have any ot
  12. Third wave went out on June 16th. Good luck, hopefully you all start hearing something today!
  13. Aw man, that stinks... Hopefully things will start opening up!
  14. Have you tried reaching out to your PCP office? That is where I started and then I asked them for references. I don't know how COVID is affecting shadowing at OrthoCarolina, but I shadowed there as well and it was rather straightforward and easy to set up. You could also try reaching out to GoHealth and see if they are willing to have people come in.
  15. Hi! Current student here! If you sent the updated transcripts through your PURL by the deadline then I wouldn't worry since you submitted them at the proper time. Also last year the majority, if not all of us went from having a complete checklist on the PURL to and incomplete one around this time. As long as you received an email from the school that your application was complete then you should be good to go! Last year we started hearing the second week of June about interviews
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