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Accreditation Vs Non-accreditation

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I'm hoping to find an answer for this question 
What is the difference between accredited schools and non accredited regarding finding a job after graduation and regarding the board exam. 
I mean if you graduated from a non accredited school would you still be able to take the board exam ? if not will there be any chance you get a job? 


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I don't believe there even is the option to enter unaccredited program.  For a program to enter their first class they must have provisional accreditation from ARC-PA.  A new program may take applicants before getting provisional accreditation, but if they don't get it then the 1st class doesn't start.  Should a program lose accreditation, then they don't enter a new class.  Is there an unaccredited program you have found?  

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As long as a program has some accreditation status from the ARC-PA at some point while you are enrolled, you will be eligible to take the PANCE.

A program cannot seat a class without provisional status. A program that loses its accreditation cannot enroll new students but it is required to "teach out" the students already enrolled. These students can all sit for the PANCE. 

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