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1st semester PA student here, need some advice on what to do.  Long story short, I have A's and high B's in all of my classes (clin med, pharm, exam skills, ethics, pathophys) except I am failing clinical anatomy d/t failing the first 2 exams.  I have 2 more exams to pull my grade up to a C, and am studying my butt off but still trying to be practical and think logically.  My courses are hybrid online, which I do not do well with, but faculty says that COVID is not a reason to have a low grade and doesn't care that its just this one class that I'm doing poorly in. If we get below a 70 in any class, we're out for good without remediation, decceleration, anything. I have tried testing accomodations and wasn't granted any as I was tested and shown to NOT have any medical learning disabilities...... this is just not a good learning environment for me at this time since the delivery of information is so different. My faculty said in the first month of the program (before knowing me or anything about my learning styles) that many of us should go ahead and seek medication for ADD/anxiety as we will develop it.  This is highly unprofessional and honestly not a program I want to be a part of, especially because this comes paired with them telling me point blank that they "don't think I was cut out for this". IF I were to do poorly on the next exam and its  looking like I would be dismissed, could I withdrawal and apply to other programs next cycle? I wouldn't have any grades on my grad transcript bc it would be before the end of the semester.  Just trying to figure out some way somehow that I could still be a PA if this doesn't work out.

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Deep breath right now!

Your story rings a bell because I did poorly on my first two anatomy tests. I kept changing my study techniques to more hands-on and visual ones and used that only in anatomy and -- as it turned out -- pharm  (my study approach was fine elsewhere.)  Do the same; you only have to do well enough to see the next day of PA school, not set some super grade record. I scraped through anatomy and ended up in the PA honorary at graduation. Find a technique that works for you.

Try not to let what people say, the looks in their eyes, and your own catastrophizing deflect your from your goal. If you like football analogies, its now third and 15 for you, you don't have to punt yet, but call your next play. And do it intelligently. Try a different study technique.

You are the captain of your ship; steer it!


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why do they think you aren't cut out for this? 

In regard to testing accommodations/disabilities...Being that you have only one class you are struggling with, then it would seem clear you probably don't have this.  

What are you doing beyond studying by yourself?  Do you have a tutor or study partner? What does your professor suggest to help you do better? 

Yes, you could withdraw and apply for other programs.  You may not be viewed as a good candidate though after failing out.  So, I would suggest you do everything you can to stay in your program now if being a PA is your passion.  

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