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  1. Maybe better to hire a financial consultant?
  2. Try to find out a financial consultant!
  3. lol'd a lot after seeing your signature :DDD
  4. I think it could be possible
  5. Why web of science is so popular?
  6. Thanks for serving.
  7. Do you have some work samples? Send me PM please!
  8. Also waiting for other replies!
  9. I totally agree with previous statements
  10. I don't accept any loans
  11. I wanted to put my solution here, but guys just outstripped me!
  12. I think loan is not the key for this topic. Better to give an opportunity of having a good work (maybe part-time) for all students.
  13. I think apperance is also very important. But the main aim is to get the direct skills and qualifications! Don't shave!
  14. I think online conferences should be the best way for post graduate studies and other investigations.
  15. Maybe you should look for special services?
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