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Prison system

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If anyone here has had experience working in the Prison system I would really like your input. This is an area I am considering moving into. I have yet to learn the details but the little I know is that there are Full time, Part time, and Independent contractor positions available. I would really like to know what a "day in the life of a PA" working in the prison system is like. 

I have about 15 years of experience between ER, UC, and Primary care. What are the advantages of an Indep Contractor vs Employee with a state prison system?  How do you determine pay rates or are they designated by level (like the military). What are the hours?  FInally, with COVID is this a time to take an opportunity like this or wait for things to "blow over".

Thank you.

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I worked in corrections for 12 years.  The innate population for the most part are very appreciative of you providing them health care.  Your prior experience would help you transition easily.  There is a  lot of pathology.  They are not seeking health  care while in the community so when they get to jail they want their issues addressed.  Their are a lot of security issues but you get used to that.  Trying to get the testing they need can be challenging due to cost and transportation issues.  I did some telemedicine which I enjoyed.  Few notes this population is very litigitous.  They don't hesitate to put in a board complaint if they don't get get what they want.  And as you know all of these have to be looked into.  The attorneys for my employer were fantastic handling all this.  And a pension is not guaranteed.  Part of why I left.  Long story.  Hope this helps.

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