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Do you have to complete a Master’s program in another subject for the GPA to be used

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I was wondering , if I don’t get in this cycle, if I need to fully complete a Masters’s degree in order for the PA schools to accept the graduate over the undergrad GPA. I have two undergrads in forensics and criminal justice (2011) but my overall undergrad GPA is 2.96, sGPA 3.4, last 60 hours 3.52. I worked as a death investigator for the state medical examiner for 6 years and just finished my prerequisite courses over the last 2 years. I have volunteer experiences in a methadone clinic and other places and shadowing experiences. I fear I won’t get into the schools I apply to due to just my overall undergrad GPA that I had over 9 years ago. If I declare a Masters’s in another subject, do I have to finish it before I apply to anymore PA programs in order for them to accept the new GPA? Sorry, this is a long and drawn out question , but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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-When CASPA calculates your GPAs, it will include all of your college education, no matter if you are working on/attained a bachelors or masters degree. So no, you don’t declare a masters degree unless you completed it. Some schools will focus on your last 60 hours despite what you are working on, so no need to focus solely on getting a masters degree-work on upper division science courses to boost your gpa.


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