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  1. Hi all, was anyone else accepted to the Leesburg program? Now that I finally know where I'm going I'd love to meet some fellow attendees! I'm sure there will be a Facebook group eventually too... has anyone seen that yet?
  2. I did around 1000 hours as an ED tech and got several interviews and offers. Each school seemed very interested in what I had learned and seen in the ED, so I absolutely believe that the quality and variety of your experience is much more important than the number of hours - at least it was for me.
  3. I just chose my school based on this. My husband is in the military and doesn’t know where he’ll be while I’m in school, so I really wanted to have the flexibility to take clinicals wherever he was. I chose Shenandoah University because they are extremely flexible and supportive when it comes to clinical sites. Something some PA schools won’t tell you is the official PA governing body’s ONLY requirement is that you do the main “primary care” type clinicals in the U.S... so technically you’re allowed to do them anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska/Puerto Rico, etc. I think Shenandoah’s
  4. I did my undergraduate degree in the UK and had it evaluated by WES. I did do my prereqs at US institutions, but depending on the school, they’ll often accept foreign institutions too.
  5. I took Medical Biochemistry from UNE. It was HARD but amazing and I learned a lot. All my schools accepted it.
  6. I did a master’s straight out of college (not PA school, this is my second career) and it honestly sucked. I was so sick of being in school and I felt like I really rushed into it. There is NOTHING wrong with taking a year off... you could even take some additional science classes to bring up your GPA, or retake a class, while you’re working.
  7. I don’t remember the specific questions but there are two personal interviews and they’re not MMI, they’re Q&A. Think typical job interview questions. And you have time to ask them questions too, which I really liked.
  8. Congrats everyone! @JBPrePA I was also accepted to Shenandoah and also graduated from undergrad in 2012. So nice not to be alone up here in my 30's! Excited to meet you (and everyone else!)
  9. In the past they went out 2 weeks before, right? Not 1 week? (I might be reading it wrong.. I've been checking my email like a crazy person since last Friday!)
  10. Thank you! I’m wondering if that’s because someone gave up their spot (but I won’t give up hope). Good luck and have fun tomorrow!
  11. You’ll need to be available 8-5. There’s an hour intro, two personal interviews 20 mins each (and they have hard cutoff times so won’t go over) in the middle hours, and a student Q&A from 1-3ish.
  12. There are 43, but I’m not sure if this is the greatest method of determination because there are several students from the class above and there may be some people who don’t have Facebook, etc. There might also still be some people who give up their spots. Good luck!
  13. Has anyone received an interview invite for 10/17? It looks like invites for the previous two interviews have gone out two weeks prior on Friday, so I was keeping my fingers crossed for today.
  14. I agree with the above poster but I would add that if you can transfer to the ED, I would definitely do that. I got so much experience, saw literally everything, and also learned blood draws and EKGs as you mentioned. Good luck!
  15. I will also say that even if your school has sent out interview invites and you haven't gotten one, that doesn't mean you won't get in. I didn't get an interview offer from my top school when they first sent out interviews, but I got an interview in their second round and got accepted! So check individual school threads and don't give up even if they've started interviewing.
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