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2 New Grad Contracts - help!

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Hello all! I have been blessed with the opportunity to chose between two job offers, and would like some insight from the seasoned PAs out there.

1st job - Private practice Neurosurgery/orthopedic spine position

$98k base salary + quarterly and yearly profit share bonuses; working 1 on 1 with physician, would be just us two in the practice, current PA leaving to move closer to family; 2 days clinic, 2.5 days OR

4 weeks PTO, $1500 CME, 9-5 job with no weekends or call, most holidays off; health/vision/dental/malpractice + tail covered; 8% of salary contributed into retirement account after 1 year.

Currently paper charting, but considering moving to EMR in near future.

40% salary until I obtain privileges at hospital and surgery center, will only be working 2x/week in clinic until then. (Will ask to see if I can get 60% salary at least, and try to shadow 1 day per week in the OR to at least justify that).

He is a very chill physician, the other PA mentioned that she would have stayed until the end of his career if she didn't feel the need to move closer to family.

2nd job - Hospital setting Neurology/Neurosurgery

$93.3k base salary + yearly bonus, rotating schedule with variety of different SPs, 50-50 neurology and neurosurgery

22d PTO, $1500 CME, 3-12h shifts, 1 night every 2 weeks, 1 weekend every 2 weeks. health/vision/dental/malpractice + tail covered, unknown contribution match to 403b after 1st month.

Wouldn't be able to start until early November until credentialing processed.

Asked about lateral movement between different specialties, was told that current employees have priority on positions and can be done as early as 6 months.

Has a system in place to prevent APPs from getting furloughed during the pandemic (was not clear on this, but current PAs mentioned that at most, they had their salary cut by 25% during peak pandemic due to declining census).

Now that the details are out of the way, I did have some questions.

As a new grad, I have a fear of "losing" my knowledge of the medicine that I learned throughout PA school. If I were to accept the 1st job, which is incredibly specialized, would that negatively affect my chances of finding another future job in a more broad field such as a hospitalist or emergency medicine?

With that being said, I do have plans to eventually move into either orthopedics or emergency medicine in the future. Which would set me up better, if I were to want to eventually switch?

I always loved the thought of working 3-12's, but is working 9-5 medicine all that bad?

If you were in my shoes (as a new grad), which would you choose?

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I'd try to figure out what your hours are like at the private practice. How many are you expected to see in clinic? How long does it take to complete charting? How long are the OR days?

For the hospital job, try to get retirement matching info.

Find out your healthcare costs for both places (especially if you have a family, it can be very expensive).

In the end, since it sounds like you don't want to stay in neurosurgery or neurology forever, I'd take the hospital job. Will allow you more flexibility. Will be easier to take a different job in the hospital. Plus that sweet, sweet 3x12 schedule. I'm assuming you will also get overtime.

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Agree with above.

And while there are some who say there should be no loyalty to employers I do kinda feel for the small private practice folks. It's so rare to see them anymore, taking a position in that office and leaving will have a much higher impact than the hospital based practice.

PTO with the private office would he concerning, would you have to match your CP's vacation schedule?

I'd go for the second job. More opportunities down the road, less impact when you leave.

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