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Second time applying!! Chances? Suggestions?

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I applied to 14 schools! Barry university, south university, UF, Sullivan university, Marshall B Ketchum, UNT, Campbell university, Indiana university (this is where I went for undergrad), Harding university, Franklin college, Marietta, midwestern, university of Utah, & UT southwest! 

I did a lot of research on programs because I’m trying to be realistic, I know my stats are average so I applied to more realistic schools. I also don’t have Orgo 2 or biochem so that narrowed down my list as well. 

GRE: qua 155 verb 151 writing 5.0 

GPA: 3.44 sGPA: 3.22 BCP: 3.1 


PCE: ~2,500 & counting as an EMT for a critical care team 

HCE: 70 as an in home care giver

PA shadowing: 48 hours 

volunteer hours: ~100 hours

teaching experience: UTA for the EMT certification course at my university 

leadership experience: 1 year as the manager of a pool for a country club 

extracurriculars: Best Buddies Club (volunteer with member from the intellectual & development disabilities community, 2 years) & Timmy Global Health (raises money/support for healthcare crises local & global, 1 year) 

LOR: Orgo professor, supervisor at my EMT position, & PA that I shadowed (trauma center)


negatives: I was battling an undiagnosed condition & a misdiagnosis my first half of college. I have never received below a B- in my life, except this. I received a D- in Orgo while I was struggling with my health. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease following the semester of Orgo that I did poorly in.   I retook the class a year later & received an A-. this is my only retake course. Also, I got my LOR from my Orgo professor because she saw my progress & knew what I was going through & was just awesome. I thought schools would like to hear from her since that’s a red flag on my application! 

I tend to be hard on myself, sometimes pessimistic so I don’t trust My own judgment of my chances. What do you guys think? & if I don’t get In, what do you suggest for me to do to better my chances next time? Would a masters program be worth it? More shadowing? More volunteer?


Thank you so so much in advance!! 

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40 minutes ago, UGoLong said:

Did you get interviews last time?

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Last cycle I had just graduated college & hadn’t even taken my GRE or prepared for it & only had 500 PCE hours so I kind of did a “Hail Mary” & applies to two schools to see what the CASPA process was like but I was veryyyy late in their rolling admissions. I did not receive interviews but I didn’t get my app in until end of August. I added 2,000 hours since last year & my GRE went from a 299 & 4.0 to 306 & 5.0. I also added some More shadowing hours. Also, thanks so much for the response 🙂 

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apply by May, to all the schools you qualify for, take advantage that most schools are doing zoom interviews now, you can add more schools now. and you can increase your chances by interviewing to more schools during Covid! zoom = no flights, hotels to book. apply to schools that look at the last 60 units, call ad coms up from schools you applied to before to get feedback, ace oc, biochem, boost volunteer hours with online/phone volunteer opportunities

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13 minutes ago, UGoLong said:

I would suggest taking one “capstone” class and doing well. I usually recommend pathophysiology (closest undergrad class to PA school) or biochem (or a related course.)

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Thank you so much for this feedback 🙂 I was already considering taking biochem to meet the prerequisites of more schools & hopefully get a good grade to show my potential in hard classes! So thank you so much, I definitely think I will do this now if I don’t get In this cycle!!

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