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  1. apply by May, to all the schools you qualify for, take advantage that most schools are doing zoom interviews now, you can add more schools now. and you can increase your chances by interviewing to more schools during Covid! zoom = no flights, hotels to book. apply to schools that look at the last 60 units, call ad coms up from schools you applied to before to get feedback, ace oc, biochem, boost volunteer hours with online/phone volunteer opportunities Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yes apply it’s an awesome program. spend a lot of time writing the supplemental essay questions - they have multiple campuses- PA schools value experience UW PA-students have a ton 2+ years (from what i’ve seen 5+ years) of high end healthcare experience including but not limited to: paramedic emt/er tech rn rt the question is probing to for academic strength/support to achieve PA goals
  3. interest rates for student loans at an all time low 2.75 starting july 1st https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2020/05/11/student-loans-rates-lowest-ever/ With your reduced income as a student your kids might qualify for more financial aid for college with a lower efc i’ll be near 40 once i’m done with PA school, career changer that left good 5 figures. dave ramsey has good financial content
  4. i’ve tried over four years, 3 cycles- The trick is researching the schools and increasing your GPA retaking classes or earning A’s in all your science classes. look into schools that favor the last 60’ units The number one trick to getting into PA school is researching the schools throughly , spending weeks and months - And each cycle I kept getting better with my grades and getting promoted in my direct healthcare experience hours and healthcare experience hours. trick 1: https://directory.paeaonline.org/ free option 2: mypabox, paid here are some schools i can think of off the top of my head university of Tampa sacred heart evms university of pacific pacific university (oregon) ohsu western michigan sam merritt touro california university of washington oklahoma city Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. stats look great- definitely apply to UT, USF, South University. keep volunteering (maybe thru volunteer match for a crisis hotline to up your hours during this pandemic) an academic letter to qualify for more programs, there’s 16 Florida programs , Yale online requires 1000 hours, try to hit 1000 before early deadline if possible they waived the GRE this year - try to hit a 300 on the gre, online gre testing is avaliable atm, have a solid connection to not get booted off- apply early
  6. do 1 That way it’s cheaper i went from a 2.69 to a 3.16 overall- had 2 interviews/4 applied, high waitlisted, first cycle: applied late, in september, got last day interviews. 2nd time 5 interviews with a 3.08 overall, applied July and more schools in august. 3rd cycle 6 interviews all depends on fit of the program with your app apply to schools that look at your last 60 units , and early- in May- you can apply to schools in multiple batches throughout the cycle- but all the programs that I applied to in May were the ones that gave me interviews and this time around I got dibs for the early interview days. (school dependent) the key is researching the school. if you send me your application from last year (the full print out and cross out all personal info) I can review it Friday since I have some free time. or you can msg me with any questions. or you can just send me general stats /your schools excel sheet and i can help you evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities from your app, provide insight I got into an amazing program with 3 Fs 3Ds 13 C’s. 9 years after graduation. don’t be discouraged, your time is coming and with experience you can only go up from here!
  7. Hi Joe, red=high chance yellow = medium blue=low smu= high chance of reinterview Much later in the season you’ll probably already have an acceptance by then touro= great program, high price , high mph , disparities emphasis. take toastmasters and prepare for mmi interviewing (itll be fun no sarcasm) yale and mbku= apply early and before early deadline, do well on supplementals to qualify for early interview/acceptance mbku= meet with director this summer to find out why wl for interview last cycle or try to set up feedback session, participate in local volunteer opportunities, join pre-pa mbku group on facebook , become standardized patient for learning experience $75 supplemental okc and le moyne,une= i marked as low because they might think that you have high stats and some other program close by will accept you dominican california = prepare by september to get early interview \only 32-40 seats pacific, evms great programs = pacific only Looks at your interview performance after you get an interview invite do well on their supplemental application and turn it in early before the deadline. cdu= I marked yellow because it’s all about your fit toward their mission. they have one of the highest numbers of applicants every year 4000 in 2019/160 interviewed for 26 spots/ many that interview here also interviewed at mbku and university of tampa sacred heart= high, many of students that interviewed here also interviewed at cdu, mbku, dominican . interview invites by August. acceptance by december U of Tampa = really amazing program, a top program a lot of resources, 120 interviewed for 48 spots . interview invites out by 10/18 , interview season 4 sessions in november- you get to chose which session. if you’re in class or work let work know ahead of time i’d add La Verne to your list if you have the extra philosophy requirements and UCDavis, OHSU, Heritage (WA- their lor requests are very particular) apply early for low income fee waivers if you qualify for caspa /supp app fw’s
  8. some non rolling /semi rolling programs will wait until They receive ALL Applications and then review all of them after the due date together with a ranking system/to score the applicants usually the top 100 to 400 receive an interview invite - The earlier you send in your application the higher your chances of landing in that pile. from my experience the schools that I applied to the earliest in May i received interview invites. The programs where I submitted later I usually received a late interview- Pending on the program the seats my already be filled or they wait until the interview everyone to evaluate and accept their class.
  9. yale online and u n dakota are good. at the moment pa programs have all transitioned to an online format until fall. you need at least 1000 hours of nursing experience
  10. it was my caspa gpa but at the time Yale online didn’t use caspa. They got rid of the GRE requirement this year- it would work in your favor to apply- nothing to lose but $52 . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. i had a 3.05 gpa and qualified for an interview with Yale in 2017. they’re really big on completing prereqs before their required date (back then it was October) make sure you do well on the casper exam and know why Yale. prepare your supplemental questions too.
  12. Sam Merritt won’t look at applications until their fall semester is done usually December- invites will go out late December for weekend interview dates in January and first week of February. SMU is transparent about their probation status and its a legit program, they have a really nice cadaver lab. Students there seem pretty happy. Loma Linda is nice too, great hospitals in area- long supplemental application due two weeks after submitting but worth it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. based off my experience and looking at your stats you’ll get interviewed at most of the nor and s cal schools- you went to UC Brainiac and have good experience you’ll be fine. i’ve highlighted the ones I think you’d like based off my research and experience. start preparing for your interviews, get all your lors in, write meaningful experiences in caspa all around before June that way you’ll qualify for early interviews, get an early decision and decide where you wanna go. save up for flights know the schools mission and why you’d want to attend. here are programs I’d add that are top notch with a lot of support that i think you’d get an interview for university of tampa yale online ucD i’ve applied and interviewed at most of the schools on your list lmk if you have any other questions. ps: for AT still i would recommend waiting until later on in the cycle to click submit, for them to get the green light , last I spoke to them they were still physically under construction.
  14. caspR $12 to send result per school- its timed questions behavioral and ethics- they have sample questions on their website.
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