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  1. Sorry you had to go thru that family emergency - it is certainly tough. For some community colleges you can "expunge" the F after receiving a 2.7 or above Gpa with a bachelor's degree after x amount of years have passed. It's called academic renewal. On the actual transcript it will show as 0.00 with an R. Caspa still requires that you enter in every grade on that transcript, both your B + and F will be calculated into your science gpa. Each school will have a separate additional prerequisite tab that requires you match the prerequisite course to your transcript. A few schools will take the higher grade and replace the grade- it's in the supplemental application. pa schools look for an upward trend and as long as you're improving with a forward trend you should be alright.
  2. anyone interviewing 09/27 1pm need a ride to the hartford airport after? or if you need to store luggage in my rental car let me know
  3. Congrats If it's not too late apply to take it credit no credit
  4. I have had mmi interviews and i can help lmk message me
  5. me! both my parents made under 19 K as well i sent you a msg
  6. dominican university of california has a 3d table
  7. Give them a call (617) 612-2080 Have your Caspa id number ready they close at 4est I'm on the line with them now too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ten days Did you print out the transcript verification form to give to the school to send out with it? Sometimes Caspa might put it in the wrong year..that happened to me
  9. Ha.. I usually try to limit responding to too many pre pa guess my chances posts but you sound smart and deserving. Can't wait to see you make your mark in the PA profession. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not old at all there's a great pa on this forum that went back at age 58- if he didn't decide to go Back imagine how many pts would miss out on his service. Most pa schools require anatomy physiology to be 5,7 no more than 10 years old some community colleges have 8 unit a&p with lab courses that qualify as credit Caspa allows you to categorize your experience as healthcare experience (cna, ma) and direct pt care(emt paramedic rn ) You have many shadowing experience hrs and healthcare exp hours that set you a part Pa schools love applicants that have a lot of success in their careers and you'd be able to teach your classmates about nutrition
  11. Yes strengths Caspa allows 5 Some schools in their supplemental separate system will allow you to submit more Most schools want 1 science professor 1 md/pa that you worked with 1 supervisor that could be an md pa do sup that will cover most requirements And room for two more mds dos pas . Caspa Sends to all schools you choose to apply toso make sure you let your letter writers know to put to the admissions committee not any one specific program university
  12. Link below https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Submitting_and_Monitoring_Your_CASPA_Application/Verification_and_GPA_Calculations_for_CASPA/2_How_Your_GPA_is_Calculated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. https://files.mtstatic.com/site_9264/2885/1?Expires=1558892562&Signature=BZPvPlmjsEo3GOI1mul7U8VxL2H3f5a0gUP9XkIexkdSE7LI2L3TAZwVwG7YeBb1Dnck8uYc8YfsJYxd2cgE8VVTIQ9SWVVhUFajTf8WxbJHP3tgOKNwHz2CS7esORzGCGD3cYSzJgCCJqxDauzHm~Jv0tjaw~jretsVhx~isd4_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJ5Y6AV4GI7A555NA click on gpa template to calculate This is also the same gpa template Caspa customer care uses to calculate gpas and in cases of discrepancies for the prospective candidate send in if the link doesn't work click on gpa calculator gpa template then an excel file template will pop up and you can enter your own personal grades in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You can apply to non gre schools and then submit your GRE scores later to gre schools But your application will still be put on hold but your application will still be put on hold until complete Takes about a month for GRE scores to be received The sooner the better most are rolling admissions First come first serve for interviews after meeting points system
  15. it wont be deleted you can go back in and send another reminder request thru caspa or delete it and resend the request - remind her that she is important and thank her
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