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  1. you’re fine my friend scored in the low ten percent for math and high ranks for the writing english portion and shes at a top 10 pa school finishing up.
  2. does your school have a winter quarter/semester? I would personally spread each pre-requisite out to protect my GPA. Acing the courses will open up a lot of doors for interviews. I recommend taking A&P last - that way you buy yourself more time, some schools have a 5 year expiration date (upon pa school matriculation)
  3. emt then training officer for 2 years volunteer medical assistant (no certificate , MD trained) and phlebotomist ($2k for cert , 6 Saturdays for school many individual companies that offer the class ) for 6 months at a geriatric clinic second language speaking caregiver for kids with autism then field supervisor for entire area 5 years caregiver for pt with alz for the state 4 years
  4. you would just lose your deposit from school 1 and pay deposit for school 2
  5. i really like it. did you make sure its under 5000 characters with spaces? i love helping pre pas that have struggled a lot and low income applicants like myself succeed you can msg me on instagram at hustleforthepac for free ongoing advice throughout this cycle. (i haven’t posted anything on there yet but use it to keep track of friends ive met on the PA path!) PA schools will love you you're military and an RT! based off of what i read i think you’ll get a lot of interviews as long as you’re over the 3.0 mark and apply to schools that value resiliency and your background here are the schools that i know of that i think you have a high chance of them granting you an interview based off your military and leadership experience. (some require more supplemental essays prepare for that!) university of washington med ex sam merritt university u of pacific marshall Ketchum ucDavis university of tampa
  6. its just all about fit. be confident send letter of intent to waitlisted schools.
  7. book your ticket thru skyscanner.com you have a good chance of acceptance they waitlist a lot of people its a good program
  8. ill be finishing pa school a year before he finishes md school i’ll be 36 he’ll be 35 . statistically, post interview invite it is easier to get into DO/MD school than PA school. with PA school 900-4,000 qualified applicants apply, about 120 -400 interview for 18-97 seats. Most PA programs have 47-48 seats while only 4 have 97 seats- while there’s 260+ PA programs many more than DO programs the time required to accumulate clinical healthcare experience may set you back another year sooo the PA route might set you back another year.... there’s a bunch of qualified applicants that apply and being waitlisted post interview on the PA side almost guarantees reapplying. if you’re waitlisted for the DO side it might work in your favor to write a LOI your future whether DO or PA will be bright- the right door will open. you’re still super young- sky’s the limit! feel free to msg me with any questions
  9. ca law felonies show up within 7 years after 7 years it won’t show up as a felony on the ca background check after some time if its reduced to a misdemeanor itll be up to employer but you still gotta disclose it after your probation is done you might qualify to expunge medicare might not allow you to prescribe for a a year depending on the terms i do know a couple ca lawyers that could consult for you for free - their labor is costly just reread your post sorry i dont know GA policy was too eager to offer help feel free to message me if you want the CA lawyers info
  10. can you pay to get it expunged? medicare might not let you prescribe for a year and before the 7 year mark it’ll show up on your background check
  11. all PA school interviewers want to know what your knowledge of the PA profession is and for you to share stories of your experience. try to accumulate over 250 volunteer hours, PA schools take notice into what you do for your community so pick something you like being apart of and rack up a lot of hours- itll help you get noticed. your med tech experience makes you unique and your knowledge observations shadowing a PA will help you connect with your interviewers. good luck and let me know if you have any questions AMA.
  12. Two more lors, one from a Harder science professor , one from a clinical work supervisor. Call ets gre to see if you can just retake the English portion so you can improve writing score and not have to retake the entire exam. I have some gre stuff I could share with you. message me your gmail account. you can call me and i can help you i have time before my program starts
  13. Apply broadly 12-29 schools Get lors from a professor if you can Journal your patient care experiences so you have those stories for interview day Volunteer over 250 hours with a cause you're interested in
  14. Letter of intent if they accept them With an update of hours and if they are in fact your number one choice school Anything could happen on the waitlist prepare to move 3000 miles and also to reapply
  15. I've done ten years of sales/sales management for ten years before getting into PA school- one thing i can guarantee you for both sides of the journey is you'll experience a lot of rejection in sales and on your prepa path before getting in... But it's that much sweeter once you get your acceptance letter. Both professions require customer service skills ... The sales side getting thru the gatekeeper to pitch your product to the doc and the pa side serving a lot of your future patients. In sales your efforts are rewarded once that commission check goes thru, there's instant gratification and short term instant results... It was necessary to support my parents and to go on the prepa path but in medicine your efforts are rewarded when a patients lab values improve and you get to serve their family in their greatest time of need. I chose to go the PA route because i enjoy the challenges of the day to day and the constant growth required to do well in this labor of love/serving. Feel free to msg Me w Any questions
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