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Practice PANCE tests?

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On 7/10/2020 at 8:11 PM, PA2O18 said:

Taking the PANCE next month. Wondering what other, if any, practice tests you have done? Will for sure be doing the NCCPA one, but hard to find a lot of others. 

I only used ROSH and Pance pearls. I used Uworld when I finished all of the ROSH PANCE questions, but the Uworld subscription was paid for by our program, and I did maybe 100 questions. 

I took the NCCPA practice Exam A and scored in the lower green area as did all of my study buddies. It confirmed the areas I knew I was lacking in which were Cardio and Pulm, as well as gave me a taste of what their questions are worded like. Another thing, Exam A is tougher than Exam B.

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I used a combination of Pance Prep Pearls (2017 and 2019 versions) plus question book, SmartyPANCE, Med-Challenger, Rosh Review, and UWorld. I will probably be purchasing the practice NCCPA tests later this week as my boards are in 11 days, however I will give a review of each of these study resources. 

1) I've been using SmartyPANCE since starting  PA school and it has been great for summaries before clinical medicine exams as well as EOR preparation! Topics are organized by specialty as well as EOR blueprint. The practice exams are very basic, but they are meant to just be a guide in studying and actual exam practice (i.e. you can't cram with just smartypance, but it does make studying a lot easier). Plus, the exams are immediate answer notification only, so you don't get true practice unless using the block practice.The owner also has a podcast for listening to practice questions in the car and every 3rd episode is free. This was great for time-passing review. 

2) At the start of the pandemic (and subsequent cancellation of rotations), our program had us do practice cases on Aquifer and clinical review with Med-Challenger. Med-Challenger's questions are certainly more advanced and more similar to the format of the Cumulative Review, but every 1/5 questions felt like a random, super rare fact and it was discouraging to get these wrong. However the immediate answer practice format and actual exam format are both very beneficial. 

3) Started using Rosh Review 3 months before my exam to become more familiar with question format because Rosh tests on commonly asked subjects. This was very useful in my last clinical rotations. Rosh gives you a predicted PANCE score based on how you do in practice exams (which have a timed format or an immediate answer practice format) and this can be very encouraging or discouraging depending on how much instant gratification you need. 

4) Finally started using UWorld a month and a half before my exam and it has been a great supplement question bank with very in-depth explanations of every answer. It breaks down every answer separately (as opposed to Rosh explaining alternative answers in one paragraph). Questions are on par with Rosh and my only gripe is that each exam you create has a 60 question limit (whereas I like doing 120+ question blocks at a time). 

All in all, paired with starting work 2 weeks before taking the exam, I feel very prepared with all these sources and am satisfied with how I spaced out purchasing the subscriptions. In the longterm, I will most likely keep using SmartyPANCE as a resource, but for PANRE going forward, I can see myself repurchasing short term subscriptions of Rosh and UWorld. 

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I have been using Rosh Review from binging of my PA school .  But recently I started using U World. The questions are way difficult compare to Rosh Review and as you know there is no BUZZ WORD in Pance anymore , so U World prepare you very well for that . U World break down every answers separately.  I think this is the best source for passing PANCE also .

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