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  1. Guess April 15 was the last day for people who got accepted.
  2. Congratulation. Does anyone else from waiting list receive any e-mail ???
  3. I am from the 12/9 interview and have not heard back yet..waiting killing me lol
  4. Me too. Can't wait anymore. Hope we will get answer so soon
  5. Has anyone received an email regarding supplemental applications??
  6. I am wauting for my top choices in California. I dont want to go out of state
  7. I submitted my application on Sept12,2016. Got the letter of accepting my application on Oct 1,2016. I had problem with medical terminology which retook that course in Penn Foster ( 3 units). I have SCIENCE GPA is 3.80. and have 2340 patient contact experience. I didn't get any interview date yet. and i am really worried.
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